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Tantra Butterfly Massage Services

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Phone: 312.339.7707 (mobile)

Because I like to make each session unique I like to incorporate a traditional therapeutic massage of your choice along with sensual chakra balancing. I have had training and certification in several different modalities which include:

New! Sacred Cuddling      
Heart Chakra Awakening and Empowerment Ceremony to Heal and Balance
      Your Heart energies

Champagne Mimosas, Roses & Chocolate dipped Strawberries
       with Goddess Diana

An Afternoon of Delicacy with the Goddess
Seduce me with Chocolate Ceremony: An invitation to meet your muse
Tantric Care package in your home or hotel room
Tantra Massage and Tantra teachings in Washington, D.C.
Sponsor Goddess Diana Your Tantra Goddess and Muse
Tantra Phone counseling and Guided Meditations with Goddess Diana
Couples coaching and Sacred bodywork
• Tantric Retreats for Individuals
Lomi Lomi Massage(Hawaiian Temple Bodyworks)
Goddess Worship and Yoni honoring with Goddess Diana
• Egyptian Reflexology
• Ayurvedic Aromatherapy
• Trager
• Trigger point massage
• Swedish
• Esalen
• Chakra Balancing
Chakra Bowl vibrational healings
• Traditional Native American Indian smudge baths
La Stone Therapy (as taught by Mary Hannigan)
Shiatsu (ohashiatsu institute)
Tantra Healing by Goddess Diana the Tantra Butterfly Muse
Sacred G-spot massage for men and women
Reiki (Usui method)
Pranic Healing (Master Steven Co)
Tantra Bath ceremonies with Goddess Diana Sensual Muse
• Ejaculatory Self Mastery
Erotic Bodywork
• Native American Smudge Bathing Ritual

A typical session with me will include a combination of Tantra, Swedish, and light energy work. I place strong attention on the person as a whole...

I offer 60 , 90, 2 hour, and full day sessions and work better with people who are looking for the luxury of this kind of indulgence. I can teach you breathing exercises and skills you can bring home with you as part of your daily path to greater self mastery.

Click here to view my Chicago, IL tantra massage testimonials .

My hours are meant to be flexible and accommodating to your schedule as I work Monday thru Friday from 9am till 11pm. I am also willing to work with you past my normal business hours if you call me between the hours of 9am till 10pm. I understand that sometimes business meetings and late night business functions can detain you from indulging in one of my ceremonies; so I am willing to work past midnight if you call me during my normal business hours so we can plan ahead. If you call me earlier in the day you will have a more likely chance of scheduling the time of your choice but weekend appointments require advanced notice. I welcome all spontaneous calls during a time of need and If I am available I will happily schedule a session for you at a whim. I adore scheduling Tantra ceremonies on a Sunday but you must call me no later than Sunday afternoon if you are seeking a Sunday healing. I will not accept last minute calls on Sunday since my sessions require advanced preparation to make our time together a special and memorable experience for both of us. If you are seeking a same day appointment, call directly on my mobile for a quicker response. Please do not email me if you need an immediate healing. I check my voice messages more frequently than I do my emails. I welcome your call 7 days a week between 9am till 10pm to be considered for a same day session on my mobile number (312) 339-7707. Questions are welcomed but any questions requiring more than 15 minutes of my time will incur a small fee to compensate me for my time and advice. If you have questions that are 30 minutes in length you will be asked to send me a pay pal deposit of $50 for in depth advice on Tantra.

• 9am - 11pm, Monday - Friday
• Weekend hours by appointment only and must be reserved in advance.
Sunday appointments are welcomed! Kindly reserve a Sunday Tantra Ceremony early in the day so I can prepare ahead of time


Chicago, IL Prices

• $100 1 hour
• $125 75 minutes
• $150 90 minutes

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Coffee Consultations
❤ $100

Dinner Date
❤ $150 for 90 min.

❤ $150 per hour

Tantric Healing: Goddess Worship:
  • $300 for 1 hour
• $330 for 75 minutes
• $360 for 90 minutes
• $500 for 2 hours
• $750 for 3 hours
  • $500 90 minutes
• $777 2 hours
• $999 3 hours
  • $400 90 min.
• $600 2 hours
• $900 3 hours
• $1200 4 hours
Heartful Bliss Reiki Massage for the Heart ❤ Chakra $300 During this ceremony the focus is on your precious Anahata. I will be topless but wearing a tiny hip skirt.
The session will be 75 minutes long and will include breathwork, reiki, hot 🔥 stone therapy, chanting, aromatherapy and sound healing 🎼🎵
This session is perfect for anyone experiencing grief or blocked emotions due to trauma. ❤
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Champagne & Roses:
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  • $777 for 3.5 hours • $1000 for 5 hours

Full Day of Tantric Healing Immersions*:

  • $1200 for 5 hours • $1400 for 6 hours • $1600 for a full day of healing and a tour of the city if you wish ♥ ♥ There is no set time limit unless you get tired of me ♥ ♥ and that's not possible.

New Guests  
Introduction and Sensual Healing:  
  • $300 one hour tantric healing the focus is on deep relaxation and sensual touch  
  • $360 1.5 hours of tantric healing,  sensual touch and therapeutic massage  
  • $560
2.5 hour bath ceremony - connect with your Goddess, enjoy an extensive session of mutual touch that will awaken and uplift your sensual being*
  • $900 (up to 4 hours) includes additional philosophy, extended social exchange, musical sound healing, interactive play, the serving of aphrodisiac foods and or a dinner date*  
REPEAT Guests  
Sensual Healing  
  • $300 90 minutes without the ceremonial bath.  The focus is on touch and sensual upliftment  
  • $480 2 hour bath ceremony and or sensual touch and deep tissue massage with tantra  
  • $800 (up to 4 hours) bath ceremony with social interaction, aphrodisiac foods and or a dinner date*  
Sessions for Goddess Healing  (exclusively for Women)
Tantric Ceremonial healings
  • $350 1.5 hrs of healing and ceremonial bathing
  • $400 2 hrs
*  $100 each additional hour

* I offer discounted rates for all sister Goddesses as my way of opening up the doorway for any sister Goddess who wishes to receive a true healing in a setting of pure   Light,  unconditional love without judgment and a means of complete empowerment.  I can teach you how to honor your sacred temple and how to teach your desired   partner,  your Beloved to heal and honor you during our Goddess ceremony together.  Let me teach you the treasured gifts of your yoni and how to heal yourself of any   unwanted memories from your past.  If you are a Goddess in need of healing let me teach you how to feel alive and vital again and remind you of how sacred you truly   are!  We are strong Goddesses both strong in spirit and in our sexuality and we are the care takers and peace makers of this society.  Take time to honor and discover   your Goddess Nature as we breathe together hand to heart in Namaste.
Mutual Exchange of Sensual Healing:  THE GODDESS WORSHIP CEREMONIES
  Gentlemen or Women these sessions allow us to become tantric Healers and I will become your tantric partner as we take turns working on eachother's pleasure zones and learn to connect and communicate in a loving and playful  dance.

During these sessions You will learn the art of giving your partner a tantric healing and sensual massage that will encourage a greater appreciation and deeper bond between you and your Beloved. These are my most favorite sessions because of the intense give and flow of energy that will be exchanged between the two of us and you will leave with skills that you may practice with your adored partner and have a greater understanding of Goddess energy.

With honor and within the bounds of tantric bodywork, you will learn and practice sensual healing skills and techniques - including yoni massage, sacred spot healing, the stimulating of amrita (the golden nectar), pelvic release work, energy mapping with Reiki instruction, communication coaching, and more.   During this time if you so wish I will also be your confidante and tan tric advisor and assist you with your own skills in more open communication with your Goddess and how you can encourage and attract more abundance and joy in your life through positive affirmation, humor and sensitivity.  
  • $500
90 min, with or without attended bath 
  • $600
2 hour bath ceremony and Tantric Massage 
  • $750
3 hour Goddess worship, bath ceremony, lingham and yoni honoring 
  • $900
(approx. 4 hours) bath ceremony with social time and aphrodisiac foods or a night on the town with me*
Sensual Massage Offerings
Sometimes we just need to let go, surrender to touch and be allowed a few peaceful moments to ourselves. Sensual massage offers you the benefit of being truly touched,  truly recognized  and deeply healed without judgment,  self consciousness or the formality of a more conventional massage experience in  a public setting. During these sensual sessions I invite you to decompress and be in the moment of pure self indulgent sensuous touch and be nurtured back into a space of deeper peace with your own inner core and joy.  We all need to be in that space sometimes and these sessions are meant to be purely for you without expectations and without the need for talk if you truly just need to rest and be healed.  I now offer you the benefits of both worlds;  the care of my sincere interest in your well being and knowledge and skills I carry with me from my practice of Tantric yoga,  lomi-lomi massage and my Reiki hands.  Some times we just need to be still and unlike my other Tantric massage sessions my sensual massage will heal you on a slightly different level without the Tantric breathing instructions offered in my other ceremonies.  Perhaps you are not yet willing to try that leap into Tantra so this can be our initial introduction to each other and a time for you to get to know me or know yourself better. I will blend pure organic essential oils in my carrier oil for you to enjoy and sumptuous music will lull you into a place of comfort and perhaps wonder.  We can spend our time in shared silence or shared laughter the choice is yours and I am here to help you integrate body,  mind and spirit in my space of beauty and healing.

• $250 per each delicious hour of escape & bliss
Become the Lover you always dreamed of being and manifest the love and lovers you so truly deserve.  This powerful ceremony will open up new gateways of Positive Love attraction in your life and allow you to feel more confident, self aware and poised around the ones you hold precious.*

*Multiple sessions may be purchased at a discounted rate.

* Sliding fee scales are available for my longest ceremonies as an enhancement for your personal and spiritual growth should  youhave the desire --- I may selectively decide based on your personal need and current economic situation what is an agreeable donation to the Goddess.

Phone: 312.339.7707 (mobile)

Camouflage Healing Retreats

Advanced scheduling is never required, but advanced scheduling helps me prepare the session of your dreams. For your convenience you can send me a small or a larger down payment towards our future Ceremony and I will either issue you a discount or add additional time onto your Session as my way of saying 'Thank you'.

Once you decide to send a down payment you will be given priority over others regarding the schedule date and time, and if you need to cancel, your payment will be used towards a future session or we will readjust your time to suit your needs. You may pay for a session in full or send me partial payment in advance to receive my gracious discounts.

Visiting City Prices (click here for visiting city prices)

Please know that each of my longer ceremonies will be caringly tailored to your own unique needs and deep desire to learn the energies of White and Red Tantra. We will focus on awakening your own Kundalini energy (the sleeping Snake) and help you achieve a natural and safe state of sensual ecstasy and bliss. You will be lovingly held in a safe sacred space of unconditional love and non judgement. We will be co creators of Sexual magic and this will be your opportunity to open gateways of greater love in your life and in your own personal healing.

* I offer special discounts for all referrals. I appreciate your business. If you enjoyed your time with me, please refer me to a friend and you will be entitled to a discount on your next visit.

If you need to reserve an appointment a week in advance at a specific time and date - especially if you are a visitor from outside of town - please call me on my mobile number. We will then chat briefly, and I will send you my legal mailing address so you can send me partial payment in advance in the form of personal check or money order. Once I receive your payment, I will contact you by phone and reconfirm our scheduled appointment time and date. If you are seeking a same day appointment, I am most reachable between 8am and 5pm.

If you are a couple seeking an appointment for the first time, I would like the opportunity to schedule a session with one of you as an individual prior to meeting with both of you. I feel this will enhance our time together and allow me to understand you individually.

Please note:
My voicemail is the best way to reach me as I prefer my telephone not to ring when I am in session. Please leave me your name, number and time of day or evening when I may call you back. I usually return all calls within 5 minutes unless of course I am currently in session. The best time to reach me is early in the morning but you are free to call me at any time. Same day appointments are always accepted as are advanced reservations. If you must cancel an appointment, I require at least 24 hours notice prior to our scheduled appointment time. Blocked or Private calls will not be answered.

Contact Me:
Click Here to Contact Diana to schedule your tantra massage in Chicago, IL
Please remember to include your phone number.

By Phone:
312.339.7707 (mobile)

By Email:
Please note: my days can usually get very busy. As a result, I am only able to check my email once a day, usually late in the evening. If your request is for a same day appointment, please call me instead of emailing me. If you are not in a rush, you can email me which usually requires a 24 hr. turnaround.
butterflyshadows@aol.com or use my contact form

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