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Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is an energy healing modality based on their structure of our human body. our physical body is comprised of two parts: the visible body which we can see with our naked eye; and the invisible energy body called the aura. The visible physical body is concrete and detectable to our five senses, taste, touch, sight sound and smell. Our aura or spirit body is invisible to our naked eye. Our auric energy field is pure, luminous energy intermingling with our physical body and extending beyond it. Energy Healers call this energy body the etheric body or etheric double.

Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing that uses prana or life energy and the chakra system to heal diseased energy levels.

During my pranic healings I will recharge your body's ability to heal itself by cleansing techniques employed by Master Steven Co. Humor, some help from my good friends the crystals, delicious music and my loving gaze will all be tools I use to enliven you and hopefully lead you to own path of self--recovery. As I recharge your batteries you may be naturally brought to feel waves of ecstatic joy and bodily orgasms may be just a part of this auric cleansing ceremony. Miracles can happen so sweetly and easily and with a sweeping and cleansing of your auric body more wonderful will manifest for you even days after your healing.

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