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Dear Guest,
There are many of you who may have been  drawn to my playful website but you may not be fully ready to join the tantric path just yet. I now offer special ceremonies that are just as nurturing and soothing without the introduction to sensual healing.  I am a fully trained healer practicing traditional massage modalities which include Lomi-Lomi strokes,  Hot and Cold stone therapies, sound healing, Reiki, acupressure, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and reflexology of the hands and feet.  Traditional massage therapy is just as important to the human psyche as chakra awakening touch offered in my tantric ceremonies.  I am a highly empathic healer and I can help you focus on sending positive and loving messages into your body with the ceremony of your choice.  These ceremonies are meant to be Non sensual in nature but deeply therapeutic and healing to your creative life chi!

I myself as a healer respect the integrity of our physical body and the need to detoxify and harmonize our mind with our spirit. In order for me to continue to grow as a healer and body worker I receive a total of at least five therapeutic massages a month and I encourage you to do the same not only so you can be a more free and open conduit of energy but so that you can continue to heal yourself on your own unique journey!

Therapeutic Spa Sessions

Stone massage involves the laying on of warm bastalt stones  and cold marble stones (optional) on the body giving the receiver a deep feeling of warmth and comfort.  I can apply these stones either indirectly or directly on your body aligning each stone on all your major meridian points and major chakra bodies.  While some stones are placed in stillness on your body others are massaged directly on your skin allowing greater circulation and blood flow to all sore and injured areas of your body.  Pure essential oils such as lime, grapefruit, bergamot and lemon are added into the massage oil to help detoxify your body and clear your mind.  During our session I shall also play chakra bowl music to help activate latent energy from these stones and create more harmony in your energy body.  People have been known to drift in and out of trance frame of mind during these sacred ceremonies and if we add cold stones to this treatment we can increase blood flow to any sports injuries you may have.  These special stones take on your worries and your cares allowing you to heal more deeply and allowing me to apply more pressure without forcing your body into an unnatural position.  Allow the sacred stones of Mother Earth to take your burden!

  • $200 for 60 minutes
  • $300 for 90 minutes

Swedish massage is known to help stimulate circulation by applying a stronger and deeper stroke towards the heart and a more gentle and whispery light touch away from the heart.  In this session I will use my knowledge of Lomi--Lomi massage which uses forearms as tools to incorporate longer uninterrupted strokes starting at your feet and ankles and traveling all the way up your torso and upper shoulders in wave like motions.  This constant flow of energy can take you in and out of consciousness and help you unlock old patterns or stumbling blocks in your life so that you can gracefully make progress in your life simply by receiving this healing massage.  You can read more about the benefits of this massage from Hawaii on my services section on my website!  Here again I will be using pure essential oils in my carrier oil to help stimulate more life force in your energy.

  • $200 for 60 minutes
  • $300 for 90 minutes
  • $400 for 120 minutes

We all know how wonderful it feels to have our feet massaged by our beloved.  It feels just as soothing and scrumptious to have our feet pampered and brought back to life after a grueling day of walking in heels or work shoes that are cosmetically beautiful but torturous to wear all day and night.  Reflexology helps trigger major organs in our body since our nerve endings end at the bottom of our feet.  Our toes for instance rule our sinus cavities and so during a reflexology massage I will stimulate each meridian point to help strengthen your nerve system and all major organs in your body.  Calcium deposits can accumulate in your foot without proper massage and overuse of these muscles.  During the beginning of our ceremony warm towels steeped in essential oils will be wrapped around each foot prior to your massage.  I will also introduce citrus essential oils for you to inhale during intervals to help you unwind and appreciate the touch with more sensitivity.  Your energy meridians will be activated as I tune in on each pressure point of your left and right foot.  Reflexology  provides deeper relaxation, soothes pain and releases blocked chi.

  • $200 for 60 minutes
  • $300 for 90 minutes

*I can also add a scrumptious sea salt scrub to any reflexology treatment and massage your lower calves to stimulate greater healing at no additional cost to you!
** Native American Indian Sage may be used to help clear old energy off your auric field

During this ceremony I will blend a combination of pure essential oils based upon your needs.  Each essential oil contains specific healing properties geared to help open up blocked sinuses, stimulate your digestion, or help you battle flu--like symptoms or all around fatigue.  We will have a brief consultation in person based on your immediate concerns and I will create a special blend just for you to help stimulate positive healing in your body during your massage.  The blend of essential oils will create a sense of balance in your body's organs and help detoxify and tone your skin preparing you for greater healing long after our session has consummated.  I also like to use my knowledge of Reiki as I  lay my warm hands in stillness over your major chakras as a means of instilling deeper peace and a true integration of all your vital energy bodies so that your own body will feel restored and deeply nurtured.  If you wish I can also use some of my crystals on your body to help balance out your chakras in a very noninvasive laying on of the stones. This unique recipe of acupressure,  energy work and chakra balancing will uplift and honor both your physical and spirit bodies.   Chakra balancing is also used to help activate your third eye (your seat of intuition) and stimulate creative flow!

  • $200 for 60 minutes
  • $300 for 90 minutes
  • $400 for 120 minutes

Sensual Spa Sessions

Kundalini Activation Ceremony
Share sacred space with me as I introduce you  to a full body bliss awakening and charge your chakras using sound healing and sacred tones through the use of chakra bowl incantations,  chanting and tuning forks.  You will enjoy a full body sensual massage with your choice of Swedish, Lomi-Lomi,  Hot & Cold Stone therapy,  Reiki,  Aromatherapy and crystal chakra balancing (the laying on of stones). These sessions are meant to activate and charge up your sensual energies and can clear and heal all of your chakras as we weave sacred space. If you are seeking a completely self indulgent and nurturing session we can focus our time together on sacred sensual touch with a delicious balance of therapeutic massage that will allow you to unwind, destress and let go of any distracting thoughts.  I am highly skilled at helping you "be in the moment" and reach a state of higher ecstasy.

  • $300 for 60 minutes
  • $330 for 75 minutes
  • $360 for 90 minutes

Kundalini Massage and a Ceremonial Bath
A soothing Bathing ceremony is prepared for you using the most natural  organic essential oils to help you unwind, breathe better and release  toxins in your body. I will use a blend of aromatic oils, milk, vanilla, and salts. I will then begin the ceremonial ritual of pouring warm water over all your major chakra centers in candlelight as we breathe deeply with each other and share a moment of deep peace. Gentle acupressure touch is used as I knead your muscles and  an aromatherapy Salt Scrub will help increase your circulation and sensual energies making you more invigorated and awakening your latent sensual energy. After your bathing ceremony you will be lead to your tantric massage ceremony where you will be pampered with more massage delights,  foot reflexology and sensual activation.

  • $400 for 90 minutes
  • $600 for 2 hours
  • $750 for 3 hours

Full Body Kundalini Ceremonies
Goddess Diana invites you to share a full day of Sensual healing  which will include Tantric play, Tantric massage, an introduction to Goddess massage and a genuine presentation of  authentic tantric touch.  Here you will receive a greater understanding of tantric yoga and tantric pranic breathing methods  that will help you prolong feelings of bliss and orgasmic pleasure in your body. During these  sessions we will connect with each other's energies and learn to channel  pure Goddess energy with erotic sensations.   I will teach you techniques on redistributing  your vital sexual energy and you will learn how to become a more thoughtful and present lover.  During our session I can teach you how to send pure sensual unconditional love to your partner through touch.  Each session is unique and we can blend a traditional massage of your choice during our shared sacred space. 

  • $500 for 2.5 hours
  • $575 - $650 for 3 hours
  • $750 - $800 for 4 hours
  • You will be invited to receive a discount if you partially pay me for a ceremony in advance or if you book multiple sessions ahead of time!
  • Longer ceremonies are available for over night stays
Sensual Massage Offerings
Sometimes we just need to let go, surrender to touch and be allowed a few peaceful moments to ourselves. Sensual massage offers you the benefit of being truly touched,  truly recognized  and deeply healed without judgment,  self consciousness or the formality of a more conventional massage experience in  a public setting. During these sensual sessions I invite you to decompress and be in the moment of pure self indulgent sensuous touch and be nurtured back into a space of deeper peace with your own inner core and joy.  We all need to be in that space sometimes and these sessions are meant to be purely for you without expectations and without the need for talk if you truly just need to rest and be healed.  I now offer you the benefits of both worlds;  the care of my sincere interest in your well being and knowledge and skills I carry with me from my practice of Tantric yoga,  lomi-lomi massage and my Reiki hands.  Some times we just need to be still and unlike my other Tantric massage sessions my sensual massage will heal you on a slightly different level without the Tantric breathing instructions offered in my other ceremonies.  Perhaps you are not yet willing to try that leap into Tantra so this can be our initial introduction to each other and a time for you to get to know me or know yourself better. I will blend pure organic essential oils in my carrier oil for you to enjoy and sumptuous music will lull you into a place of comfort and perhaps wonder.  We can spend our time in shared silence or shared laughter the choice is yours and I am here to help you integrate body,  mind and spirit in my space of beauty and healing.

  • $250 per each delicious hour of escape & bliss

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