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Many people ask me exactly what we will be exploring during our Shared Tantra Ceremony. Everyone who practices Tantra chooses to create a Sacred Ceremony their own way and I tend to use my strong sense of intuition to help guide me during your first journey with me. You can send me two goals or a wish list and depending upon how much time you choose to schedule with me hopefully we can cover some of your wish list or begin in baby steps. Tantra is a way for you to heal yourself into full body wellness and hopefully rediscover your own hidden energy channels through sound healing, sensual exploration and nurturing touch. We will be sending energy to each other and I will be your assistant and Muse helping you to be more grounded and awakened. Sensory awareness is explored in a safe, non judgmental arena of play and you may lose all sense of time as we Co create Sacred Space.

This video was made for me by a recording artist who lived near me in the French Quarter when I lived in CHICAGO, Louisiana. We created a layer of overlapping sound as I played my quartz chakra bowls and then Vaughn added soft water falls and environmental noises to the resonance of the Chakra Bowls. Living in the French Quarter allowed me to meet many wonderful tourists who were seeking couples tantra massage and I also met some beautiful local artists and musicians during my two years of residence in Louisiana. Chakra bowls are a form of sound healing and I sometimes love to incorporate the toning of the Chakra bodies while playing a chakra bowl. I will also sing certain chants to help open up and balance your chakra system during my tantra ceremonies. We all respond to sound and this ceremony is especially effective for placing you in a trance frame of mind.

During this video I am demonstrating the use of sound with my dog Mishka! She was extremely interested in my chakra bowl and so she joined me during the filming of this chakra chant at my loft in Atlanta, Georgia. I spent two years in Georgia just to escape the brutal winters of CHICAGO and again I had a chance to try a different culture from what I am normally used to. I worked with locals and visitors from out of state who felt the need to explore their own powerful energy through tantra massage and tantra yoga. Tantra is very similar to reiki and like any other form of legitimate energy work it helps to incorporate a daily practice of focused breathing and daily ritual in your life long after your first tantra ceremony. I have developed a very strong lung capacity because of my daily chanting practice and my studies of breathing and pranayama have enhanced my ability to carry sound (as you can see)! Please enjoy the sounds of my voice and the chakra bowl with a bit of humor thrown in. This was a completely unplanned event where my dog decided to enjoy and share sound with me!

During this Tantra ceremony from four years ago I am demonstrating how anyone can create a ceremony of self love using crystals, flowers, beautiful trinkets and anything meaningful to beautify your body.
Tantra is an act of Self love where we journey inwards to find our inner core of Security and beauty. We don't seek love outside of ourselves we journey within to awaken and heal ourselves first. You don't need a Sacred Partner to complete yourself. The first step to healing is loving yourself through Self empowerment, Self awareness and Sending unconditional love to all parts of your Soul body and physical body. I am creating a Sacred Mandala here in this Video placing crystals and other healing objects directly over all the major Chakra systems in my body. During your time with me I will be focusing on you. YOU will be center of Attention and all your Chakras will be honored via Sacred touch, sound healing, visualization and Aromatherapy oils that awaken and refresh your dormant Erogenous Zones. I will help Amplify your energy and help you feel more loved than you have felt in a long time. My sessions are powerful and long lingering. Let me AMP up your Sensual Energy and help you feel EMPOWERED!

Goddess Diana will take you on an intensely satisfying journey of self discovery using the ancient arts of Tantra and Reiki.

As a Goddess I teach couples the practice of unconditional love and a deeper understanding of their roles as healers and Beloved. Tantra is the art of weaving sacred love energy and getting in touch with your male and female power centers. We learn to love ourselves more deeply and how to honor and respect the sacred in Other. These sacred teachings are understood through chakra balancing, sacred sounds and laughter. Play is essential to Tantra and I consider myself a Muse and an energy healer. I am empathic and I love the art of touch using my knowledge of Reiki, Lomi-Lomi massage, cold and hot stone therapy and Swedish bodywork. My sessions are held in a space of play and deep healing with great respect for the individuals who feel drawn to the work I do. I am available as a lecturer for any organization or small group of couples who seek this knowledge.

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