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Decriminalize Sacred Sensuality and All Sex Work Occupations

Yes you heard me. The following article is going to be IMPOLITICALLY CORRECT! I consider myself to be a BUDDHIST. My belief is we should keep our hearts open (wisely) and use (DISCRETION) WITHOUT allowing ourselves to be BRAIN DEAD, BRAIN WASHED AND NUMB LIKE OXEN.

I do not find it a coincidence that upon every NEW Republican election our new president has an attitude THAT THE SEX INDUSTRY must be shut down, hidden and PUNISHED and or BANNED completely.

When Bush was elected the new standard here in the United States was to enforce a new law that all LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPISTS now had to make sure that they were LEGALLY REGISTERED and these therapists would be punished or have their licenses permanently taken away from them if they were in any way involved in the SEX industry in their present or PAST. In other words lets say you were 18 or 19 when you first worked in the sex industry. You were offering NUDE, erotic massages only and not SEX.

Oh as if SEX is a naughty and horrible act?! So you get set up in a undercover sting that ONE time and you are labelled as a WHORE even though most of the people hiring you are CE0's, lawyers, accountants, educators, doctors, film producers, musicians etc....! You now have that PERMANENT MARK and or irrevocable label to contend with so your future employer or future leasing agent will pre judge you. I have dealt with so many biased, Archie bunker types both men and women who give me that label daily. I am okay with it because I have PASSION for what I do and I am unashamed of offering up Tantra healing and Bathing ceremonies to anyone---man, women, gender fluid, transgender who seeks my attention.

I digress! So here you are a young kid charged with your first Misdemeanor by a cop who set you up purposefully to make you look bad in the eyes of the law and court system. Let us now go to the future. You are in your thirties and just wish to enroll in Massage school. Once you do graduate because of your prior record of *Prostitution* you are no longer eligible to receive a Legal certificate in Massage Therapy no matter how good you are, no matter how many long hours you invested in your massage training and no matter how high you Scored on your Massage tests to be fully certified. All of these laws were enforced under the REPUBLICAN PARTY while George Bush was our president.

Need I say more? So now you are going to be punished forever and barred from ever changing careers and perhaps working as a Sports Massage therapist or a fully licensed therapist which is required if clients are to trust you or if you wish to work on a cruise line or in a high end spa space. Do you feel this is fair? Are you going to be punished forever because of what you did during an undercover sting when you were still in your teens?

Our system here is MORALLY WRONG. Now because of this new Fosta act passed by Congress again under a REPUBLICAN PARTY REIGN OF TERROR all third party agents on the internet are to be charged with a FELONY for allowing Sex industry educators or professional sensual massage therapists to advertise on their website. I noticed The Erotic Review a review board for people in the sex industry is now only accessible and viewable to Europeans but now Americans. The Erotic Review had years of reviews of each provider whether she or he was a sensual massage therapist, Tantra healer, BDSM professional or high class Escort.

Men or Women could view positive or negative feedback from clients who visited each provider and feel much much safer about picking the right person for their sensual needs. Believe me THERE IS ALWAYS going to be a need for sex workers and there will always be a desire for reviews to keep everyone safe and happy. Now because of our new laws many Adult websites have gone off line forever like cityvibe, backpages, the massage and personals sections of Craigslist, The erotic review and many other avenues for sex workers to advertise their platforms.

What we need to focus on is PROGRESSION. Progression means we need to LEGITIMIZE Sex as being a very adult, mature, holistic and organic activity that is vital to every being. Sex should be savored and enjoyed not BANNED and labelled as a FILTHY or DEGRADING activity.

If you want to know what a degrading activity really is it is a job a desperate woman takes charging such cheap prices for a sex activity so a man can get away with exploiting her for her drug habit. If you as an adult sex worker do take pride in yourself, your career, your skill set and you are discriminating about only working with men who love and value women then you are not allowing yourself to be degraded. Sex work involves the delineation of boundaries. You know what feels safe for you and only you know what type of payment is fair for the services you provide so you are in full control of what you feel honored to provide and you can pick and choose the man or woman you feel a true kinship with.

I have FIRED clients in the past who have wasted or devalued my time or my pricing system. I am older now which means I have higher standards, LESS tolerance for ignorance, AND much less Patience for men who inherently despise women as a gender. I love giving my best to those men or women who treat me as a friend. I love being GENEROUS with my time to those who do not haggle me on the phone for pricing. I charge what I charge because I know my worth and I am competitive with what others charge in my field who have formal training just as I do.

Here are some of my ideas for a new venture on how we should treat the sex industry. First we need to register and license each sex worker. If you are new to the sex industry you will be checked for EMOTIONAL health and PHYSICAL health. If you have a long history of STD's or you have been charged with a felony you are barred from being a LICENSED SEX WORKER.

If you pass your background test for being of sound mind and good health without any record of felonies your next step is EDUCATION. YES you are going to have to enroll in legitimate massage classes, sex education classes, psychology training, martial arts, energy work classes, etc... then the next step is testing. If you pass reasonably well you will receive an average salary. If however you EXCEL and test high for all subject areas you can be a certified Sex Educator and earn a higher degree of pay than your average sex worker.

The potential client can then choose wisely. If a client wishes to hire someone with a lesser degree skill set and save some money he can now choose the cheaper sex worker. If a client expects excellence and has the budget for a more extravagent experience he can choose the ADVANCED sex educator.

Each sex worker must be tested MONTHLY FOR STD's and must see a licensed Social worker to make sure they are of sound mind and in good physical health. Each sex worker must take continuing education classes that interest them whether is it is psychology, reiki, deep tissue massage or physical therapy. The older you are the higher your pay. Everyone still charges according to their skillset and not their looks or youth. Does this seem fair to you the consumer?

And to protect our precious resource the sex provider the government will screen each potential client. If the client has a series of FELONIES or acts of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE on their record they are instantly eliminated from the privilege of seeing a sex worker unless they maintain a good record of positive behaviors for a period of no less than five years. They must go to a counselor once or twice a week and participate in volunteer activities that benefit women. If these men prove that they have no ill will and have been on their best behavior they may then become a client.

The government not only screens each potential client but has the sex worker RATE the client just as the client may Rate and review THEIR experiences with a registered sex worker. Repeated complaints may lead to a revoking of the license of a sex worker or the suspension of a client till they receive new training or behavioral modification.

Finally since Sex workers are registered they must be provided with FREE health testing and health insurance and a certain amount of their legal income will go back to the government to support this funding system.

I can assure you that if you uphold the emotional and physical well being of all sex workers and make sure only the safest and sanest clients use their services it will benefit sex workers and clients who crave sensual touch.

Please know I suggest all these things out of love and passion for the healing work I do. I can not ever be ashamed of who I am or what I represent. I am an adult sex educator, muse, healer, writer and lover of all things sensual in nature.

If you wish to learn more about me please click onto my main website www. tantrabutterfly.com and my blog www.goddessdianatantrabutterfly.com

My number is 312-339-7707 so feel free to share more about yourself once you call me and let me know how I can be of service to you.

Empathy and How Tantra Can Enhance Your Ability to Relate to Others

Hello and it's been a while since my last blog post. Two days ago (Monday afternoon) I thought about the word EMPATHY and how it impacts our interactions with each other. For instance if you are a Good communicator by nature you probably possess not only polite etiquette but you most likely have that rare gift of "empathy" or being an EMPATH.

Let's define what an EMPATH IS. An empath is a sentient being, an extraordinary human that is rare in this world. An empath can take on your energy and feel deeply every thought and emotion you are experiencing. An empath can be clairaudient, clairsentient and probably able to see through the mists of the "veil" that which is part of the word of the unseen. An empath is naturally psychic and it would bring great pain to an empath to inflict harm or cruelty on others because they feel that deeply and profoundly.

Now let's pick apart the word EMPATHY. I grabbed the definition from Wikipedia.com and wanted to include what I found and use it as part of my article --->

Empathy has many definitions that encompass a broad range of emotional states, including caring for other people and having a desire to help them; experiencing emotions that match another person's emotions; discerning what another person is thinking or feeling;[7] and making less distinct the differences between the self and the other.[8] It can also be understood as having the separateness of defining oneself and another blur.[9]

It also is the ability to feel and share another person's emotions. Some believe that empathy involves the ability to match another's emotions, while others believe that empathy involves being tenderhearted toward another person.[10]

Having empathy can include having the understanding that there are many factors that go into decision making and cognitive thought processes. Past experiences have an influence on the decision making of today. Understanding this allows a person to have empathy for individuals who sometimes make illogical decisions to a problem that most individuals would respond with an obvious response. Broken homes, childhood trauma, lack of parenting and many others factors can influence the connections in the brain which a person uses to make decisions in the future.[11]

Now back to my understanding of EMPATHY. First of all I am extremely sensitive to anyone's vibes both good and bad when they call me for the first time on the phone. I know that new people calling me about my tantra services can be quite cynical, jaded, suspicious, misinformed, superstitious, nervous, out right scared or excited to be on the on the phone with me especially if it is their first time reaching out to anyone in the Tantra field. We educators of Tantra like to call Tantra the "Tantra Arts" because you have to have a certain ability to read people and to play with energies which is an art form in and of itself. You have to possess patience (hopefully) and the innate ability of being incredibly compassionate and empathetic. If I have an "off" day which I am entitled to someone on the other end of the phone calling me might accuse me of being "hysterical", rushed, callous or as I was recently accused of being on Monday as being "hostile".

Now let's get back to Monday. I literally was in River North and had been flooded with multiple calls from everyone needing me by O'hare airport. Everyone just "assumed" I was nearby and within their city and everyone also hoped I could work with them on their time table and within the hour. I would say not one person calling me treated me with the respect that I deserve. When I need a healing or a massage appointment for myself I leave an incredibly detailed message so that the individual knows my REAL legal first and last name, knows my needs and goals, and also is informed of what days and times work within my schedule if I wish for an appointment. I do not call assuming they can work with me within two hours nor do I give them a first name only since they do not formally know me. I would also love it if strangers or old clients from my past would extend the same courtesy to me. Yes I have been in the field of healing for at least 25 years if not longer and I am the owner of www.tantrabutterfly.com and I would be deliriously happy if people would introduce themselves to me within the first two minutes of our phone conversation. You as a new guest have access to my website www.tantrabutterfly.com and my personal online journal www.goddessdianatantrabutterfly.com so you also can view my linkedin account, my twitter account, my four facebook pages and my Google plus business page. I am only listening to a voice on the other end. Sometimes people call me sounding quite scared or frantic. A lot of times people sound demanding or expectant of a tantra session with me within an hour but I do not just sit still in one place all day I actually do errands, walk my dog, go shopping, see a movie and in other words I try and stay busy.

One person in particular has been "calling" me every once in a blue moon introducing himself to me only as "Bobby" no last name just "Bobby". If this man is supposed to be an adult you would assume he might say Robert and then use a last name and occupation to jar my memory. He always insists he's been a client who saw me in the past and had seen me many many times yet from my phone he is definitely not locked as an entry in my phone's contact lists which means I have not see him for at least three full years probably because this individual continues to assume I am available at the last moment as a beck and call person or "servant". He obviously lacks EMPATHY because he does not see how rude or scary he comes across each time he randomly calls me out of the blue. I know many people named BOBBY or Robert so he seems to think I would know exactly who he is just because he calls and gives me the nickname Bobby which honestly may have been a fake alias name because I used to accept clients who would give me a fake alias in the past but now I prefer to work with people I can easily verify so I feel safe. Anyone who possesses any small degree of empathy would know that I am all by myself offering Tantra services and I need to feel honored, respected, safe and secure way before meeting a new guest or a client from my past.

Bobby seemed agitated on the phone and very very pushy and impatient. I could sense all his urgency and it really made me feel ill at ease. He asked when I'd be available and I tried to explain that I would not be in the suburbs till after late in the afternoon. Bobby did not seem grateful for this information he just seemed "put off" because I was not available right then and there and I could hear that disappointment in his voice. I explained unemotionally that I am not Pizza then let him go since he did not seem thrilled or appreciative that I would be back in the suburbs till 4pm or so. He then sent me an angry text asking me why I was so "hostile" and that he had seen me a dozen or more times in the past. Lets just say that if that was Bobby's concern he should have prefaced his call to me with a reminder that he was a past client of mine and he'd very much love another session. I would have been more open and felt less threatened. He threw so much negative energy at me during our brief chat that I felt pressured for time and I did not feel respected. He also had no problems accusing me of being HOSTILE. Now hostile is a loaded word. He does not know me well enough to use that word with me. I am very very patient and generous with my time. I do not go around charging up my energies in a violent, invasive way. I do not carry hostile energy with me unless I am feeling DEFENSIVE AND INVADED where my boundaries are not being honored.

I feel most men do not possess the ability to communicate clearly. I am not sure why people do not take time to carefully think before they speak and send courteous healing words via text message and use their words to soothe emotions rather than use their words as attack missiles. I am not here to be anyone's punching bag just because someone is having a bad day or needs me within the hour. I deserve to be honored and I deserve to be treated respectfully and like a professional. If Bobby had simply stated his full legal name and jarred my memory about his past visits with me I would have felt less afraid and I may have made a greater effort to rush back to the suburbs to make sure he got a session within his deadline. I am very open to working with anyone who treats me with complete trust and respect. I am EMPATHIC which means I can read your energy so if you bombard me with panic and or hostility then I can easily mirror it back to you because I am a GOOD RECEIVER and an even better CONDUIT and GIVER of energy.

Empathy is easy to acquire. If you have an open heart and partake of energy work with a professionally trained Reiki master you will increase your chances of becoming more empathetic and you will be able to feel emotions so profoundly you won't hesitate to be more open about your needs and become a greater communicator. You will speak clearly and be able to establish your boundaries with others. You will feel less jaded, less combative and less likely to accuse other people of being selfish because you yourself can place your own self in their shoes. You will be more intuitive, more relaxed and truthful about what you need or do not wish to accept.

Please enjoy my main website www.tantrabutterfly.com before reaching out to me. I am always a willing guide and muse to your first journey into tantra.

The benefits of receiving a Tantra massage with Goddess Diana

Tantra is a skill and a form of meditation that has been practiced by Tibetan monks, Buddhists and Hindus for well over 9000 years. We can trace Tantra yoga�s origins to the mountains of India where religious sects practiced sexual, sacred ceremonies called Pujas for a specific purpose such as planting seeds of abundance for a good harvest or simply leading one to a path of higher enlightenment by using sexual energy as a magical component to awaken the third eye via Kundalini Shakti.

Today people are intrigued enough to meet with a Tantra provider to see if there is anything Tantra can do for their emotional frame of mind or simply out of complete curiosity. Today�s culture embraces a more pragmatic ritual where we combine a full body hands on healing rather than a random puja ritual of meeting in a sacred circle to team up with a complete stranger for a sacred sexual act to consecrate the land.

Modern Tantrikas invest their time in you� teaching you the right way to breathe fully and connect with you so that you are fully in the moment and not distancing yourself or detaching from your own body.

Modern tantra yoga involves full body Tantra Massage, belly breathing, eye gazing, mutual touch, mutual connection, and opening up your boundaries during peaks of pleasure. All your erogenous zones are awakened playfully and are used to tenderly heal your old emotional wounds to prepare you for sacred space. You will learn to give up your need to control as your tantra guide stimulates your sexual energies with compassion and slow, soothing strokes. This is not about an end result nor is tantra about obtaining an orgasm.

Tantra helps you use your own sexual energy as medicine for your body. If you have a hard time falling asleep at nights your tantra session will help get you in a more relaxed frame of composure; but if you are too tired all the time tantra can also give you that extra zing for life and boost your energy level because Tantra can either be a stimulant for those who are too tired to function or it can act as a sleeping aide for insomniacs. Your body will determine what it needs from the tantra session so what ever does happen will be for the best.

Here are some wonderful reasons to try a tantra session for the first time.

1. Relax and Restore your Body and Mind
Your first tantra massage with me as your guide will include a firm, deep tissue massage and your Scalp, neck, shoulders, back and feet will be kneaded with meticulous care and attention to detail.

I carefully and methodically tune into your body�s individual needs so that you feel balanced and restored. Many of my clients feel a sense of complete relaxation yet they remain at a heightened state of arousal as I work with your energy centers (Chakras) and guide you into sensual pleasure. You will feel safe, loved, relaxed and aroused all at once.

2. Improve Your Breath and Circulation
My goal as your Tantra Muse and teacher is to help you be still in the moment and to be still in the moment is to let go which means you are free to be who you are and let go of your guard at last. We will gaze at each other, pause, laugh, connect and breathe deeply. If I see you have stopped breathing I remind you to calm your energy down long enough to take a deep heart breath or belly breath.

Breathing carries your sexual energies everywhere in your body and this helps your heart rate slow down and improves your circulatory system keeping you in a balanced form of hormonal stasis.

As you learn how to slow down you retrain your body to react slower to stimulation prolonging your body�s ability to sustain waves of orgasmic pleasure. You will taste of the pleasure in slow sips and nibbles and this new way of �being� becomes habitual and changes your outlook on every aspect of your life from dining out to trying on clothing.

3. Emotional Healing
One�s journey into Tantra involves emotional healing and the pealing of all your layers so that you evolve and become more open and honest with yourself. Tantra is designed to help you receive love with a more open heart.

As I teach you breathing techniques your chest cavity is more open and this leads to emotional healing and more heart openness. You will deal more honestly with yourself rather than burying your feelings.

You might find yourself crying or laughing during your state of openness and all this leads to greater compassion for yourself and others. Your emotional blocks are skillfully addressed during an extended ceremony as you let down your shields and learn the art of self acceptance.

When you learn how to receive pleasure and unconditional love your self esteem grows and your relationship with others is enhanced and improved.

4. Experience PEACEFULNESS AND Pleasure
Peace of mind is achieved during our shared Tantra ceremony. We will both experience mutual pleasure because I love making sure you are enjoying yourself and getting lost in the moment which brings me pleasure because I love making people feel good.

Your pleasure will come in many forms which includes complete muscle relaxation, full body waves of bliss, emotional restoration and the physical release that comes from having a spiritually infused orgasm which is called Kundalini Shakti activation and leads to even more bliss.

5. Tantra leads to Self awareness
The true goal of any tantra student is to attain Nirvana in a very natural and non invasive way. As I teach you how to breathe deeply into your Chakra bodies I may have you visualize that your pineal gland is getting brighter and clearer and this helps activate your Crown chakra leading you to a greater connection to Source.

As you gain trust in your ability to connect to a higher Power or your own inner power you begin to trust in your inner voice and inner intuition. There will be no more room in your life for self doubt; you will simply trust yourself each time you schedule a tantra session. Practice makes perfect and the more you learn to breathe and simply �Be� the more you will begin to have faith in yourself rather than relying on others to guide you.

6. Your Quality of Life Improves
Tantra yoga teaches you self discipline because we do everything slowly together and I teach you how to curb your impulses and your natural inclination to get to the �good stuff� first. Whether you decide you wish to hire me to focus on your pleasure only or you wish to learn the art of sexual orgasm I am here to teach you how to touch with intention and with slowness so that you are not rushing into anything for the sole purpose of an end goal.

There is no end result we need to achieve. Our shared time is considered sacred and life in itself is an act of celebration and we make mistakes and learn along the way. Its okay to make mistakes and repeat sessions for the sake of learning how to slow down. We focus on the present moment and we are not worried about where you were or what you need to become. We share a moment in time during our tantra ceremony and I teach you how to expand time so that you can no longer feel the passage of time and space.

7. Improve Ejaculatory Control

Men who are concerned about ejaculatory control or premature ejaculation will find benefits to spending time practicing tantra massage and tantra breath with me. I will make sure you are not worried about an end result. You will feel more composed and secure so that your quality of life will improve as you keep yourself focused on the now.

8. Acquire Abundance
So you are probably wondering how abundance comes into play with our sacred ceremony. After all you are spending good money to see me and you wish to invest your money into a positive experience that will potentially benefit you emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially.

There is a special sacred ceremony we can partake in together during your session and it is called a Muladhara Chakra awakening or prostate activation. Prostate massage is a gateway to help you establish a better sense of trust and self awareness. You learn to let go as I gently penetrate you with my finger and send you healing but powerful energy that will help awaken your kundalini energy and bring you the abundance you crave.

I personally find that men who are by nature very secure in their ability to make a good living love prostate massage the most and they are completely open and trusting feeling waves of insurmountable pleasures as I activate their prostate.

It is interesting to note that men who have a hard time giving up �control� and men who do not feel completely secure have a tendency to tighten up and feel nervous as I attempt to activate their kundalini energy this way.

Everything takes practice and patience and if the thought of acquiring abundance intrigues and excites you; but the thought of being penetrated repulses and alarms you then we can take slow steps getting you to the point where you trust me enough to stimulate you in this way.

I can assure you that if this idea appeals to you but you are too afraid you can let me know your boundaries ahead of time and I can still activate your prostate from the outside without fully penetrating your anal area. Energy is energy and intentions can carry energy just as skillfully as a more firm touch or caress.

9. Combat Stress and Fatigue

Tantra massage is a gateway to helping you combat fatigue and stress due to adrenal fatigue failure. During my sessions I place a very strong emphasis on your core which is your third Chakra or solar plexus. Your solar plexus is your mini solar system and helps you with your intuition as it helps you with body signals.

I am sure you know what it�s like to feel butterflies in your stomach right before a performance, a speech or before meeting with someone you have deep feelings for. Your stomach carries a great deal of stress and so I will be massaging your tummy during our session so you can feel safe and loved. This massage aides your digestive system and encourages your body to produce less cortisol so you are not in a constant state of fight or flight.

If you see me on a regular basis I can assure you you will be on your way to greater rest, less stress, and you can start losing weight with ease. During your belly massage I will encourage you to take deep, slow belly breaths and all this deep breathing will improve your energy levels and get oxygen flowing to your brain and other organs decreasing your fatigue and helping you to get to a prolonged feeling of ecstasy when we address your erogenous zones. Any massage will help those dealing with stress, but the tantra massage takes it one step further than simply relaxing your body. Since tantra focuses on your emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual health all at once, you will leave with a renewed sense of self and lowered stress levels as a result of your tantra ceremony.

In summary if you want to gift yourself the pleasure of unsurpassed sensuality, dedicated deep tissue massage and the ability to withhold and sustain heightened sensory awareness then call me immediately and schedule an extended tantra ceremony with me soon!

Tantric Love Making Traveling without Moving

Subtle touch also known as “water touch” is the most healing and powerful form of shifting your partner’s energy.  Everyone feels safe and if you remember that the aura is the opening portal to sexual energy then you can allow your heart and good intentions to set the right mood to heal your lover.

The physical body responds to sound, touch, taste, sight, ether and smell.  We are sentient beings so powerful in our responsiveness that even the gentlest of touches can shift our well being.

Have you ever stepped into a room full of tension and chaos and just felt your neck muscles tighten up or your belly contract?  These are all normal responses that your body reacts to based on the energy waves and patterns of your environment.  Just like a sweet ripple effect the sound of laughter is so inviting and intoxicating that you would naturally wish to be a part of that joyous energy and you will enter and partake in that playful energy willingly almost like a healing balm.

Energy is free.  If we learn how to breathe in this energy purely and deeply enough we need never feel a lack of.  And if you have nervous tension or if you feel you have too much nervous energy that is not yours all you need to do is realize you can take in some nurturing deep breathes into your heart and your body naturally wishes to heal itself of drama and trauma.

All you need to remember before healing or touching your lover is to take in some nurturing, healing and loving deep breathes into your own heart chakra so that you can open up to more love in your heart space and be aware of all that loving and free energy from the Universe.  Once your heart chakra is fully activated and pulsing with vitality you can then begin to sweep gently over the aura of your partner without even touching their body.  Just by hovering over your lover’s body you are smoothing out their auric body caressing and making love to their aura their gentle energy imprint.

Goddess Diana

Our bodies are more yielding to a gentle non invasive stroke much like wind which gently moves a the tender and delicate wings of a butterfly.  So sweep your lover’s energy body first and take your time playing with their energy almost as if you were tickling their energy with a peacock feather.

Using Sage or Sage wands is another perfect example of nurturing your lovers  energy bubble and sweeping out any chaos or debris or excess nervous energy from the day’s events.  Make sure of course you leave the window slightly cracked open to allow the smoke to depart and allow the old energy to leave your home.

Aromatherapy is a delicate and mood enhancing elixir and all you need to do is carry some key fragrances such as lemon, lime, grapefruit,  vanilla, lavender and any citrus scent to offer a selection and variety to your lover so they can choose which scent they intuitively need as a healing balm.  We all gravitate towards certain “comfort” scents so some may prefer flowery, some spicy and pungent,  citrus and astringent or bitter and robust.  Have a variety of incense sticks and scents so that your lover feels comforted and more open to receive a healing and your touch.

Prepare the room in such a way that enhances calmness, serenity and beauty.  If you choose to decorate the room or sacred space with fabrics and feathers choose colors your lover prefers.  This is their ceremony so choose colors they gravitate towards.  If you wish to use candles try and stick to one color only as this enhances harmony and simplicity.  Set the stage for play and make it highly personal.  Ask your partner beforehand if they have candle scent preferences and or colors and fabrics that make them feel comforted and not overwhelmed.

Use your voice in a soothing pitch and feel free to sing and hum into your lover’s body.  This is called toning and the chakras and energy bodies respond to sounds so sing away and breathe and blow gently on your lover’s body before even laying one finger on their physical being.

Using all senses be creative as you introduce a variety of spices and foods that your lover might want to taste.  You might want to have them bite into delicate spices or sweet delicacies as part of their tantric love making adventure.

Tantric love making should involve and engage all the subtle energies in the body before you even decide to engage in physical touch.  Just close your eyes and breathe in all the possibilities.  Each Sacred Ceremony is a chance for you to reconnect with your inner child and bring you closer to your intuitive divine seed.


What is Tantra?  Is Tantra Yoga Purely Sex?

Is Tantra Sex?

Yes everyone wants to understand the allure of Tantra Yoga.

So many women visualize the Kama Sutra and they envision sexy Temple Dancers who seduce their lovers and who seem to know the mysteries of exotic sexual position to keep their lovers content and happy so they will never think of straying.  The art and the act of seduction is what most people think of when they conjure up thoughts of spicy tantric sex.  Who wouldn't want to learn how to become a temptress or a Tiger or Tigress in bed?  We have all seen movies at least once in our lifetime of Bollywood and the gorgeous and bold dancers who ultimately tease, entice, enthrall and control the object of their affection simply by rolling their eyes a certain way and swaying a bit of gauzy material seductively over their hips to increase their lover's desire.

remember one workshop I attended and a young and attractive  woman was randomly chosen as the class demo for the honoring of the yoni namely The Goddess Worship session.   This woman, a theatrical and ravishing red haired goddess was very in touch with her divine feminine and she was well aware of her gifts and allure as a healer and muse.  She was dressed beautifully  like an Egyptian priestess and her long straight red hair hit her waist like sinewy snakes.  Everyone's eyes were pealed on her ivory skin a garnet hip chain so delicately tracing the curves of her perfect hour glass shape.  Each man and woman in the class was enthralled and could not keep their eyes off her natural beauty and the confidence she seemingly exuded.  This was a woman who was in complete command of her divine feminine and she was there in a circle of classmates that all  honored her divine feminine.

This woman was in complete ecstasy at one point and then alternatively cried and screamed  out in pain as her g-spot was activated by our teacher.  We were all well aware that he was not torturing her nor was he exuding any abnormal force on her pelvis or her sacred g-spot.   We watched her writhing in pain and screaming for him to get out of her and that it burned and he needed to get out of her yoni.  We all watched deeply concerned and puzzled for we noticed only the most gentle of movements from his fingers and there was such a difference in her responsiveness from extreme pleasure to deepest torture.  She later admitted to the class that she was molested as a child and certain explorations of her yoni could bring on the memories of this painful recollection and translated as a burning or extremely painful sensation. 

She was very forceful and very expressive as the healing took place and her extreme vocalizations were piercing so that  anyone witnessing her healing was deeply touched and reverent.   We all bowed our heads in Namaste as the ceremony was concluded and the teacher gently withdrew his fingers from her yoni and thanked her for allowing us to witness her yoni's healing.

We were left speechless and deeply impressed with her Goddess energy and the unfolding from bliss to agony and from agony to bliss.

One woman was brought to tears and she felt deeply inadequate and shared her fear with the entire group of men and women that she herself was afraid that she might never feel that amount of pain, agony, ecstatic bliss and complete beautiful abandon as this beautifully expressive Goddess who was just healed.   She was so scared that she  would feel nothing and she instantly compared her lack of expression as a form of deep wounding and inadequacy.   She just exploded in tears and complete despondency and she shared her hopelessness with the group.   Something deep within her psyche was triggered after viewing this great goddess healing.  How would she be able to let herself go with such forcefulness and complete abandon as this wondrous red haired goddess who just shared her soul with the entire class watching on.  Yes this work can shatter you.  Yes watching a yoni healing can change your opinion of your own self worth and make you more self conscious about your own journey and the great steps you must take to heal yourself.  But we learn to honor our own baby steps and we learn not to compare our progress with others'  evolution because we have our paths before us and we must honor our body's cues.

That is what Tantra yoga can do for you.  Tantric Yoga is not a path of instant gratification to ecstatic bliss .  In fact you might have several rounds of Tantric Yoga healing sessions with someone you deeply trust and feel absolutely nothing.  And that nothingness in itself is a rare gift because you are undergoing a healing.  Healing need not be dramatic.  Healing can take as little as one earth shaking session or it can take years of patient trial and error and diligence.

You might attend a few workshops and simply "never get it".   You might feel lost or unsure of yourself and your place with the others in your group.  You have to understand Tantric yoga is a process and the energy you build up and the trust you build up with your own body and your partner are sacred stepping stones to enlightenment.

You might find your mind is willing but your body is just not quite there yet either because of poor health, poor nutrition,  lack of exercise and or a deep wounding you have not fully confronted yet.

So is Tantric Yoga the art of simply having good sex?  I like to think of Tantric Yoga as a healthy and sex positive way you can clear old and negative or outworn messages you send your body.  Our bodies carry memories and the cells of our body carry your earlier childhood memories like imprints.  A good tantric healing can present you with the unique opportunity to be yourself and simply let go of your will so you can let down your guard more.  We bury so many repressed memories in our earlier childhood because sometimes that is what we need to do in order to survive and function with society and our day to day work.  You can suppress only so much pain and the pelvis our second chakra can carry so many woundings that it becomes necessary to explore the terrain and unlock any keys that might be preventing you from receiving the bliss that is your birthright.  Yes everyone deserves to feel pleasure and when we are allowed to feel this pleasure without shame or guilt we can unblock our creative life force and use these hidden joys as a source for a fountain of youth and to stimulate our pineal glands and the healthy secretion of our endocrine glands natural mood stabilizers and other hormones that promote a positive outlook on life.

Whether you are a man or a woman the second chakra represents creative life force and the opportunities to receive abundance so when you stimulate and send healing messages of unconditional love into your pelvis and use contraction exercise and pelvis thrusts you are opening up your second chakra and stimulating your waters.  We call this stirring the waters in the Divine Feminine and whether your goal is to charge up and enliven your female energy (Shakti life force) or empower your male energy (shiva life force) your ultimate end result will be the unity between your entire chakra systems so that you are not cut off from your life force but you are reunited and empowered.

Tantra yoga therefore is the allowance of sexual abundance and the teaching of being present for your partner.  The study of tantric yoga is not just the esoteric art of Divine Female and Divine Male; it is a practical, organic,  healing and meditative practice that can enhance your ability to be more present and to be your more authentic self.   Our goal is to extend and prolong the feelings of pleasure and to allow the pleasure to heal and empower our entire chakra system so we can draw up the divine sexual life force up our spinal column and activate our pineal glands allowing us to enhance our innate abilities and our psychic expansiveness and awareness.

It's good to be grounded and to be aware of our physical bodies.  People who suffer from sexual addictions can learn how to activate their heart awareness and become more empathic as a result of the heart and sacral chakra connection which forms a circular loop feeding itself and into each other.  You can learn how to acknowledge your divinity and how to turn your baser desires into a more connective and intimate experience.   Sometimes there is an imbalance and one is either overly sexually activated or they are completely shut down either from issues dealing with emotional traumas or physical abuse.

Being with a Tantric yoga practitioner that you trust can help you overcome these blocks and you do it with guided breathing techniques, creative visualization,  toning and singing into the chakras and Conscious touch.  In time you will learn the breathe and pulsation exercises almost like a good habit and it will be up to you to enhance these exercises with continued practice with a partner you trust at home and additional reading materials and workshops.

I find that the continued practice of Tantric yoga can alleviate stress,  depression,  self doubt and self consciousness.  You will find yourself to be more confident and much more self aware.  Your ability to state your boundaries will also be enhanced as you become more grounded and more aware of subtle energies.  The act of prolonging sexual pleasure can take years off your appearance and the art of learning these tantric arts for the sake of creative life force can take away the pressure of performance anxiety because it is not so much the act of orgasm but the act of prolonging pleasure and your ability to feel pleasure.  There is no true goal during a healing but the goal is open expression and expansiveness.  So many times men feel the unnecessary pressure of performing for his lover and lasting longer but the art of tantric yoga keeps you focused on the act of intimacy and enjoying the moment of love making rather than the goal of simply achieving orgasm.

Just as it is unhealthy and unbalanced to be overly preoccupied with sexual energy and appetites it is also very dangerous to shut yourself off to pleasure and give up on the idea of feeling sexual energy ever again due to age or poor health.  It is unhealthy and unnatural to ignore the first and second chakras and simply to pretend that your needs do not exist.  If you shut down and close off one or more chakras you harm and hinder the healthy flow and abundant life force of the higher chakra systems and an imbalance can occur creating an unhealthy ripple effect which can ultimately hurt your physical and mental well being.

In conclusion I have an answer to your question.  Is Tantra Sex?  No you do not have to make love to someone in order to make Tantric love to their physical body.  We are dealing with the chakra system a delicate system of circulating energy and you can easily learn to bring yourself to orgasm by becoming more proficient at opening your sexual energy with simple muscle exercises and focused breathing but this takes time, practice and patience.  If your goal is to shift your energy and shift your consciousness then the natural flow of energy take place and the potential to receive Tantric Orgasms is within your grasp.

The study of Tantra helps you learn to alleviate your feelings of powerlessness or guilt.  You can become more proactive as you learn to send healing and loving messages to your body as you create a healthy bridge connecting your higher chakras with your lower sexual chakras.  We can not function if we cut off one chakra from the other almost like a "shadow box" effect.  The chakra system simply does not work like that!  Chakras are in constant flux shutting off and turning themselves on and always sending signals to each other.  As you become skilled in the art of breath you are allowing your body to fully feed efficiently and heal and grow.  You will eventually learn how to simply be in the moment rather than having to be in control.  You will become more self aware and more self confident during your love making and you will get over your fears of intimacy.  Ultimately the study of tantric Yoga is the study of honoring the Divine seed in yourself and to honor your sacred sexual energy as a Vessel of unconditional love and a fountain of inner healing and mental growth.


My Yoni ♥ My Sacred Vessel of Knowledge and Power ♥

My yoni is my sacred flower I water each day with positive loving light and warmth. In the past I used to leave my yoni completely natural not wishing to wax or burn or shave my precious and tender lips due to carelessness or due to any shame.  I was proud to have my beautiful, golden hair that curled so graciously hide my sweet pearl of ecstacy.  I never felt odd that I did not resemble the look of a Playboy magazine bunny who was usually waxed bare and cleared of all hair to the point of being bald or having a very small strip just barely a hint of hair known as a brazilian waxing.

I never labelled my yoni as being unclear or impure.  It was only society that labelled her and we use the words "cunt",  "twat",  "pussy"  so carelessly when we refer to our beautiful gems of light that I recoil when I hear anyone in passing use these slang terms in jest to describe their yoni --their sacred temple that brings forth life and manifestation.

I am here to honor my yoni and she is worthy of being adorned in rhinestone jewels, or waxed and allowed the freedom to feel the air and the sunlight on her gentle lips.  I have enjoyed her natural and I have experimented and gone completely bare first by shaving and then by waxing professionally for fun trying a fuller look first and then tapering into just a subtle and innocent fluff of hair that I now dye platinum blond with little pain or fuss.

I always send my yoni my unconditional love and gratefulness because I am proud of her exquisite shape and the tender way she unfolds for me in front of the mirror as I admire my recent waxing and see her in her tenderness all pink and wet from eating good foods and drinking pure juices.  Yes I send her love 24/7 and despite the archaic cruelty and comments I hear every day doing my day to day ritual of casual walks on the street and despite cruel articles or online slander geared as hate crimes towards women in general or women in my field I send my yoni a great deal of love and feel her soothing heat energy as she connects to my heart chakra almost like a friendly hello.

When  a woman is in touch with her true royalty and her true divine feminine she can only continue to grow and heal herself of all her old wounds and old thinking patterns that state that women must hide their natural yoni smells with unhealthy douche rinses or even rubbing alcohol.  Yes I remember as a young teenager I witnessed this  girl applying rubbing alcohol wipes to her yoni in the gym locker room and I really had to look away frightened of the sensations of shame and pain she was inflicting upon herself.

My yoni is a sacred palace.  My yoni is a sacred haven and I only allow gentle touch to approach her shy temple gates.  She can be easily aroused by soothing words or a soft breath of air.  She can stir when someone is gently cuddling me and whispering into my ear canal sounds that vibrate and make me hum.  She is a gentle flower that must be encouraged with patience and conscious touch or she will hide and not wish to share her strength and wisdom.

There is an allure and a potent energy of a fully activated yoni that can send waves of electricity up the arms of anyone who is thoughtfully visualizing her healing to unfold.  Yes yoni must be approached with patient love and reverence just like any icon or Temple Shrine; we must approach her with bowed heads and slow our breath down to prepare for her healing.  If you truly wish to give your goddess a healing you are doing so from a place of selflessness and mindfulness.  You are not touching her for the mere sake of arousing your own male pleasures; you are consciously sending her your loving heart vibe with slow and deep breathing into your own heart chakra so can feel your heart being activated and she can receive the benefit of your activated heart chakra from your heart and your hands to her yoni.

Before you even dream of approaching your beloved's sacred palace you are mindful of your own stress levels because you never want to be in pain or stress out while touching your goddess because she will be sensitive to the pain you are feeling and she will not be able to fully relax.  Yes you need to slow down and prepare for ritual which means you need to tune into your heart and understand what your intentions are before you even lay one finger on her precious yoni.

You can begin by gently massaging the inside of her hand and then gazing deeply into her eyes letting her know how very honored you are that she has given you permission to heal her yoni and allowed you complete trust to enter and explore her shrine.  She is the precious pearl and you have come to pay homage to your divine and as you pay homage to your Queen you breathe in her divine feminine essence into your heart chakra and you send her your heart energy so she can feel your God energy pulsate through her.  She should feel awakened and alert but deeply at peace almost as if she has fallen into trance with your gentle words and slowed down breathing patterns.

If you can quietly listen with your heart and quiet your own mind you will even find your breath is in synchronicity with her breath and you will exchange energy back and forth like nectar feeding your soul as you transfer  male and female divine spirit essence into the other.

Slow down your touch.  Truly take the time to explore and sweep around the lips of her yoni to her outer thighs and then allow that trail of energy to be carried all the way up to her sternum and her throat chakra.  The lightest of touches carry the most vital energy and all it takes is a subtle whisper of energy to ignite a fire.


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About Diane of Tantra Butterfly

Tantra Kundalini: Union of Shiva and Shakti

It is my personal understanding that Tantra is a weaving of male and female energy and the weaving is a natural act of nature that unifies our spiritual bodies and connects all of us in a common thread of cosmic consciousness. In Tantra there is no division or disconnection between you and me because we are all weaved from a common thread of a common loom and it is our natural inclination to have this desire to connect, exchange energy manifest our desires and create bonds both pleasurable and sometimes harmful based on our need to relate to others. My understanding is that energy is free to all and as a student in the art of both tantra and Reiki I understand my need to harness as much free, usable energy or Prana as I can consume so my power as a channelor or conductor of this energy is strong enough to sustain me and the person I am healing.

In essence we are all manifestors of energy and we are all playing a role in cosmic consciousness on a daily basis.   The Akasha for instance is considered the substance out of which we are formed.  Both the words Tantra and Akashi are sanskrit words and they coexist in their fundamental meanings in which both words involve a weaving similar to a tapestry and the weaving of spirit.  The Akasha was the first manifestation of the crystallization of spirit and it is highly sensitive to the slightest vibrations such as our collective thought forms.   It is indeed true what we feel can give birth to a living and breathing entity so be careful what you believe for your belief will have an effect on the delicate fibers of the Akasha or collective consciousness. I understand the importance of affirmation because of this; and I know if I send my body loving and healing messages my body will become the manifestation of "heaven on earth" but if I send disturbing messages I will indeed manifest "hell on earth".

According to the study of Tantra there are two entities that have created our Universe.  One entity or God is known as Shiva and Shiva represents the male deity but Shiva is immovable and represents the unmanifested consciousness so Shiva can exist but can not manifest or change.   The other entity is Shakti the female Goddess and she is the Mother, the creator and the divine priestess.  It is from the Goddess that all things are formed and born, hence the term "yoni" means womb or birthplace and other translations of the term yoni is lotus flower and creation because the Hindus understand that without the Mother or the Shakti energy we could not be.  Tantra is therefore a religion based on the belief that the Goddess is the creator of all things and therefore celebrations or Pujas take place in these Ancient Rites celebrating the Goddess and the honoring of the yoni as a way of showing devotion to the Goddess.   The union of Shiva and Shakti gave form to this world and it is the beauty of this union which creates the potential for deeper understanding of our own male and female energies that are united in our own bodies.   Each of us inside is a manifestation of both male and female and it is this delicate interplay that balances our own ability to create and live a more powerful life if we learn to recycle and balance our own male and female energies within us.  In other words we are our own universe or power house of energy!

Shakti is called Kundalini and she is the Snake Goddess that resides at the base of our spinal column; a sleeping and coiled snake with the potential to awaken and release our latent abilities to realize our own God or Goddesshood.  When Kundalini energy is awakened by conscious meditation either through the practice of white kundalini yoga or conscious tantric sex we have the ability to become our own higher power and to get a true taste of the connection between our physical body and our spirit body.  We can see things more clearly, hear things more profoundly and it can be as subtle as a vibratory awareness of our own spirit body leaving our physical body or a buzzing or humming coming from our ear drums.  I have worked with a few gifted clients in my personal practice who have awakened these latent abilities either through a physical trauma or a personal crisis like the loss of a dear family member.  We can awaken Kundalini energy simply by grieving profoundly for a beloved because the intensity of the grief or the shock will awaken this sleeping goddess energy and create sensations in your body akin to a feeling that you are part of the ether or spirit world.  There will definitely be a feeling of greater closeness and this feeling that spirit and physical form intrude upon each other,  

For example, two months prior to a great tragedy known simply as 9/11 where our country was bombarded by savage attacks and violence my body went through some very profound but unhealthy changes.  I had my Kundalini energy awakened at a very young age during a near life and death experience.  Since I was a child I could recollect spirit entities that took on the real physical form and it became a part of my own natural reality so I naturally assumed that all people could see these spirits or hear voices just as easily as I could.  As i got older of course I only see these images during times of extreme stress or extreme pleasure!  Nonetheless I have always had a hard time keeping focused because I can see the potential of positive and negative like two fishes swimming against the stream or away from the stream.  My body went through some powerful changes prior to 9/11 to the extent I could feel spirits touching me and my own aura or force field of protection around me became thinner and thinner to the point where there were holes like a piece of holey Swiss cheese forming in my esthetic field.  I no longer felt I had boundaries around me and so I could interact with these harmful entities and feel cold electrical feelings in my body that did not make me feel safe or loved.  I can tell you not all kundalini awakenings are pleasant in nature and some people might even be frightened into believing their own sense of reality is so skewed that they are indeed in need of anti psychotic medications.  Because I was blessed with my early kundalini awakening I can differentiate the belief systems I might have and know that a new golden door or pathway of ecstasy awaits me once I can calm down my mind or ego and just "experience" these delightful feelings or vibratory electrical impulses that can become triggered at random moments in my life.

I have a very fond memory in my life that I wish to share with you.  It is my first hand knowledge that when Shakti or Kundalini energy is awakened fully she will not only take you on a powerful bodily journey but she will become your own Divine priestess or personal Shaman.  

When I was in my early twenties I decided to finally live on my own away from my parents and embark on the journey of finally becoming an "adult".  I was fearful and excited but when I slept alone in my new bed in my beautiful new loft apartment in a section of Chicago known as River North I suddenly felt flooded with oppression and depression hit me in such a way that I lay down on my bed upon my back and with my eyes barely closed I silently wished I could just die.  I felt so powerless and alone in the world.  I didn't have the inner faith that I could live without anyone supporting me and I didn't know if I could earn enough money to support myself so I just lay there and sent a clear message to the Universe or God that I was tired and that I wished so deeply for someone to just take me physically out of my body and let me be at peace.   Before I closed my eyes fully all of a sudden my body became paralyzed and I was unable to open my eyes or close them completely.  My hands and arms felt like lead but I felt a surge of electricity both scaring me deeply and nurturing me as if I was a moth soon to become a butterfly.

I felt cocooned in this electric static and I heard a great humming sound like a generator of white noise surrounding my body.  I will tell you I was terrified yet comforted.  I did not feel alone anymore.  After the sound of the white noise subsided I began to hear a group of voices -- strong,  resonant,  reverent  voices that were at prayer and their chanting  circulated around my body and the timbre of these voices were mainly masculine.  I heard the chanting and resonance of Tibetan Buddhist monks rising in pitch and I thought I was actually dying.   Even though their voices were so beautiful and inspiring I was absolutely freaking out and you should have seen how quickly I changed my mind and prayed to God that He not take me and that he would save me.  I literally shouted in my mind that "I am not ready to die"!    The chanting got quieter and the voices were more hushed as I gained control of my limbs and my eye lids.  When I was able to physically open my eyes I no longer felt depressed but I felt deeply cared for like I had just visited old and dear friends from another astral plane,  You see I was given this beautiful opportunity and gift.  I tasted the taste of unconditional love and I felt refreshed and less alone as if my closest family members were reassuring me that I am not alone and that aloneness is merely an allusion.  Yes there are times when I can go through the cycles of deep depression but I have this treasure, this memory of my past life travels to uphold and give me nourishment and we all have this potential to connect with our higher Being.   

Kundalini energy can take you back to a time your spirit once knew or shall we simply call them past life experiences?  Kundalini has the potential to not only trigger your past lives but take you to dimensions where time is not so much about past, future or present but time is a continuum and we can tap into any ancient or future life as if we were coexisting in the same reality all at once.   I think I was drawn to this path of becoming a tantric because to me it is like breathing or eating a piece of chocolate cake.  I find the practice of tantra to be this constant interaction of energies within me and my relation to others,  If I cease to breathe completely when I am healing someone's energies I cease to feed myself and I cease to honor my own body's requirements for food and self acknowledgment.  Because I am so empathic I witness first hand that any self negative opinions or self loathing thought forms can attract an extraordinary tidal force of unhappy incidences in my daily life.

Kundalini energy is considered the unity of the shiva and shakti energies travelling all the way up from the base of your spinal column and unifying and coiling up together all the way up the higher chakra systems and triggering your third eye or seat of enlightenment.    This is not a game to be played with.  When I work with people's sexual energy I have a deep respect for their body and if I see someone experiencing tremors I am both honored to witness their own power but I support their body and know that eventually I must indeed "ground" them and speak to them in a loving and supporting way.   Unless you have experienced first hand the emotions and sensations of unleashing your own snake goddess you can not truly understand how sensitive and precarious a place this is to taste and feel.  Please be compassionate if you see someone experiencing a Kundalini awakening.  Do not be condemning or disbelieving.   You may hear this person speaking a language you might not even know exists but trust me it exists for the person speaking in this way.  You might not understand why their body is convulsing but support their body and be reassuring and smile, always smile the smile of the Beloved and you will find that connection and that potential within you to become and manifest the God/Goddess you are!


 ♡♥  Consciously Awakening Your Anahata Chakra to Bliss ♥♡

Your Heart is the Most intelligent Muscle in your Body. Be proud of who you are and share yourself freely with others. Be open to receiving praise and be open to bliss ~>♥ the Path of least resistance is the Easiest Path to follow ~> ♥

♡ Your Anahata Chakra ♡

Your Heart Chakra is centered in your sternum a thriving shade of green when she is at her healthiest strumming her chords of infinate trust and joy just like a musical instrument you play ♬♫

She is the Anahata Chakra literally meaning “un-struck.”

The heart chakra has subtle chords that sound similar to guitar or violin strings being plucked. For this reason we like to use tuning forks and gentle toning sounds using our vocal chords to open up the heart chakra and envelope her in a cradle of sweet harmonious sounds. If you think about it we are all vibrating instruments of sound affecting each other's vibrations with our pitch and our unique forms of verbal expression. It is for this reason that we only wish to express ourselves in the most harmonious and pleasing way to carefully allow our partner's heart chakra to open up in complete trust. Any discordant or jangling sounds simply do not offer anything of value to our heart chakra and we wish to shift the energies of our hearts using only the most pleasing of sounds and choosing our words wisely lest we upset the gentle balance of our heart flow. Feeling butterflies in one's stomach is also in direct co relation to the heart center because you first sense love and excitement by activating your heart chakra and her subtle energies have a direct influence on your lower chakra bodies like your solar plexus which is the chakra directly below your Anahata. Our dreams, our ideologies and our thoughts are all directly influenced by how our heart chakra perceives the world and whether or not our heart chakra feels safe to express her love freely without threats from an outside source or from emotional wounding and mistrust. ♬♫

You use your Anahata  Chakra to heal and send unconditional love to others using your compassion. This does not mean you blindly allow others to take advantage of you but it does mean you are willing to give someone a chance to affect you. When you formulate opinions with an open heart you are able to give and receive love without fear of rejection or paranoia. It is only the experience of repeat abuse from others that we learn to close our heart chakras and learn not to give love so readily so you must learn to "check" yourself every now and then and learn not to judge everyone but allow love in from a view point of an innocent child even if it means you must willingly take a chance. Sometimes we lose the great opportunity of Divine connection if we continuously make the same mistake of coming from a place of judgement. State your boundaries in a loving way but do allow someone into your heart with new "eyes".


We know our Heart Chakra is in balance when you feel a free energy and newness in your body. You are like a child with your hands in the air~>ungrounded and self accepting and others. You are blindly trusting and compassionate towards all beings and the thought of being potentially betrayed or mislead will never occur to you for you are as a child beaming your light and love wisdom to all.


And like a Sun Child ☼ openly giving and receiving love, you are enabling your Heart Chakra to receive more trust and more inner light strengthening her inner chords and tuning her strings. The Heart Chakra manifests ideas into reality. She is the Core the Solar system that Cleans and purifies the upper and lower chakras. This is called Heaven on Earth because the Spritual body meets the physical body and anything is possible and We become the Manifestors of our own realities. It is very important for you to NOT LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH. Too many times we make the mistake of doubting our Heart's natural ability to manifest and we manifest a most powerful wish only to doubt our ability to receive it once we create that reality. This happens when we do not know how to receive pleasure with grace and humility. Sometimes we are simply overwhelmed when we are in the position of receiving pleasures and we might turn away from it because we feel we truly do not deserve it -- we feel unworthy deep inside. This of course is self deceptive and does not serve you. I must always remind myself that once my heart leads me to success and rewards I must humble myself and say to myself that yes I truly do deserve this gift and yes I am worthy of being honored and deeply cared for and I am a beautiful soul wothy of being adored.

Now if your Heart Chakra is out of balance you might be too flighty and non focused so you are not in your personal power and others might take advantage of you because you are sending that message out to the Universe that you are not in your body and you are not in your heart integrity.

If your Heart chakra is shut off you might feel deeply alienated from others and you might isolate yourself because you lack faith and you are now afraid of incurring further hurt. You will stop reaching out to others and you might stop attempting any contact because you feel your situation is now hopeless and nothing can remedy the pain in your heart. You might feel bogged down with the depression and you can lose your ability to create and manifest. Stop this! We can all lose ourselves in self pity and yes it is good to honor your feelings of deep pain so wallow in this grief and honor your heart as she weeps but make sure to care for her gradual awakening with loving thoughts and self massage and beautiful music to heal her in your own time. Shutting your heart chakra down for any extended length of time is a dangerous proposal you should not invest in for too long. We need sunlight and encouraging words even your own hands placed in stillness over your sternum is a wonderful medicine for Heart Chakra and acknowledging her strength and courage will gradually reawaken her chords ♡ so she can remain "un - struck".

Being Jealous likewise harms your fragile Heart chakra. If you are jealous you push away love. Because the heart chakra is directly affiliated with the Air element it is wise to be like the air and freely allow the energy of constant flux and change to shift her chords and change her pitch. You can not greedily "hoard and stow away love" when it should be freely given and received. Allow love to restore you and accept it for what it has for you "in the moment" in that space and in that time. Try not to label or compartmentalize the love you feel. Try not to question it or question someone's motives for you. Just be in a state of blissful acceptance and do not allow yourself to cave in inwards just let your sternum open wide when receiving a loving compliment and see the difference in your energy as you learn to open wider and soften your heart chakra to receiving more and more love from outside sources.

How can we open up our Heart chakra even wider? You might find this answer so basic but the easiest answer is the practice of mindful meditation. When you focus on your heart chakra you clear your ego and simply allow your emotions to take over giving your mind a much needed rest from all its mindless inner "chatter". How can one clear their mind of negative self talk? You do so by laughing and giving your mind a mental vacation. Just once be light and free and if you can go outdoors in the open air to enjoy the element of wind then take some time to surround yourself in the elements and feel the full force of the wind rushing through the hollows of your heart chakra. Open your chest cavity wide and arch your back backwards taking in all the pranic energy from the sun and feed off the warm beaming rays as she melts into your Anahata. If you can not go outside then open as many windows in your home as you possibly can and get some circulation going on and just tune into the sounds of the wind pelting against your window pane. Have some window chimes next to you and delight in the sounds of chimes as they make music to the air stirring up your heart chords in melodic unison. ♬♫

The Buddhist monks call this meditation "metta" or acts of loving kindness so allow the air element to empower you and flow through you as you become one with your heart or ONE Big Heart Entity ♥♡

And now for Self Affirmations as a Self meditative Tool ♁

"I empty my heart of Hurt, shame, guilt and pain"

"I am a firmly grounded Being but my Spirit body is free to fly"

"In infinite joy I was made to be free and open to receive unconditional love and bliss"

" I am a Soul deserving and able to receive unconditional love from the Universe and other Beings"

"I welcome only unconditional love into my life for I deserve to be Seen as the Divine and Unique Creation I am"

"I open my heart in complete Faith and blind trust and I am able to accept myself in complete love and share my truths and my love with others without fear of being judged"

"I am able to forgive my past hurts and dissapointments and I am open to the possibility of receiving infinite joy"

"I am able to share myself with others and share my truths with others without fear of being punished or judged"

" I can release my guilt and open my heart to lightness"

"I am a Being of change and the element of air supports my changes and guides me to a place of inner joy"

"I am able to trust myself more and my own judgements without relying on others approval"

"My heart Chakra is full of compassion and trust for myself and others"

If you can share your compassion with others and have pity and unconditional forgiveness for your past mistakes you can move on and reap the benefits of seeing your dreams manifest into reality. When you are ready to see yourself as a Divine Being you are finally able to reap what you sow and enjoy the profits of your harvest. Your greatest most richest commodity is your heart. Don't doubt yourself. When you receive a compliment gush out and give that person a huge hug and thank them for being your admirer and Your Mirror. We can only see our reflections more clearly when we take the time to clean our mirror and sweep away the debris of self doubt and guilt. Forgive your past mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Shift your energies with complete forgiveness and you will find out that it is so much easier to move freely from a place of self love rather than a place of mistrust and self loathing. We only stand in the way of ourselves when it comes to our Heart's true potential. Learn from your mistakes and give of yourself freely. The path of least resistance shall and will always be unconditional love without blocks and without restraints.

♢ ♣ ❤ ♤ ♣

Your Heart is the Strongest Muscle in your body. Use her strength and inner Wisdom to keep you in touch with your Dreams and Tap into your Higher Vibrations . We were made to be loved and loveable ♋ So Be loved! And when you face yourself in your vanity Mirror today say the following really loud ~~> I DO SEE THE DIVINE IN YOU! ♡♥


Goddess Diana

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