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About Diane of Tantra Butterfly

Many of my prospective clients ask me the all important question:

 "What exactly is Tantra?"

My initial reaction is to pause and think to myself if I were a new student to this tantric path what would make me wish to continue or begin this new journey?  If I were a new student to Tantra what would make me grasp this concept and take this belief system from its place in the esoteric realm to a more solid level of my own understanding? What would I gain in experiencing a tantric healing?  Does Tantra simply mean sex?  Will the study of this practice heal my old wounds or would it take me into a scary place I do not wish to explore?  Of course all new students of Tantra may share these fears and some new students might even fear it will be a shallow or even disappointing experience.   All these fears are valid and this is why I am now taking the time to explain a little bit about the word Tantra and what it is I do and the role I play as your tantric teacher and tantric healer.

The Word Tantra is taken from its ancient Sanskrit roots and simply means to weave and expand and just like the threads of a loom the threads join and intertwine with each other forming a beautiful and interconnected tapestry .  The word Tantra in and of itself is a connective force just like the word "Akasha" which translated from Sanskrit means the collective  primary substance out of which all things are  formed.  During the practice of Tantra  we engage all our senses and acknowledge our unique male and female energies as complete halves of a whole.  We acknowledge and honor ourselves as we acknowledge the Divinity in our tantric partners.  During my tantric healings I focus on your needs and my goal is to keep you present in the moment with me as your shamanic guide.  A true tantric is one who follows the path of simply "being".  So many times we are so lost in thoughts that we are not experiencing the moment.  We dwell on the past which we can not change or we worry about the future which we do have the potential to change if we simply live for now in the present. Our future is affected by how we treat ourselves and others with the time we have NOW.

My intention as your tantric guide is to keep you focused in the present and give you the opportunity to experience all aspects of your nature not just a part of your persona. My personal responsibility is to take you to the edge and to challenge you and give you that unique opportunity to change so you can manifest greater joy in your life and not just daydream about it! Just imagine if you could step out of your normal zone of comfort and take this spiritual journey with me expanding your energy and awareness so you can become more aware and awake.

Tantric journeying can align you with your higher being and it can teach you how to love your body more fully as I take you through the breathing exercises.  Many people use only part of their lung capacity in their normal hustle and daily routine.  I like to call these people "shallow" breathers because they merely grasp at the air and barely fill their lungs during their normal work schedules.  When we are infants we are natural breathers and it is common practice for an infant to breathe in a full belly full of air while taking in a full inhalation.  As we age we become shallow breathers and we self consciously try and keep our stomachs tightly contracted so we learn to breathe into the lungs instead of our bellies.  As adults we all go through emotions and the grieving process again teaches us to cave in our heart chakras, hunch our shoulders more forwards and protect our hearts from further abuse so we take in only sips of air even though our bodies are starved for pranic food!

During our tantric sessions I will re teach you how to breathe so you can become more a ware of how the act of breathing supports you and starts to shift your energies in a more positive and loving act of kindness to your own Temple.

We will engage in eye gazing exercises and I will teach you how to accept my stare and accept my unconditional love for you as both my student and my dearest friend.  Eye gazing activates the heart chakra and opens up pathways of self love so self healing may take place.  If you have lost contact with that part of yourself that needs a bit of self healing I will patiently teach you how to accept my stare and my unconditional love for you.

Tantra celebrates life and celebrates the body the mind and the Spirit. The original practice of Tantra in India was to honor Shakti in all her Divinity as the Female goddess who is the creator of all that exists. Shakti is also Kundalini the Snake Goddess that resides in our base chakra and the powerful goddess who when activated triggers our third eye and opens up our seeds of enlightenment.  Tantric massage and tantric yoga can potentially trigger your Kundalini awakening and manifest major changes in your physical body and your spiritual growth.  

According to certain Hindu belief systems the act of making Tantric Love to your soul mate can trigger and open up your  Kundalini energy taking you on a path to Karmic development and enlightenment.  The practice of making this divine union with your beloved can act as a catalyst for positive change in your life and make your more aware of your own sexual energies and how to recycle your energy to cultivate it into creative manifestation. 
Wouldn't you like to learn how to harness and master your own sexual energy?  We are not here to experience just a small part of our own reality but to taste and enjoy and experiment with all of our senses.  Ignoring our sensual needs does not make us more holy but makes us more incomplete.  We can not fully understand our higher chakras by ignoring or shutting down or turning off our lower chakras.   Chakras area deeply affected by the interconnection and functioning or malfunctioning of the other chakra bodies.  If one of these chakras is shut off or neglected by misuse it will affect the ability of the other chakras to be fully alive and healed.

Practitioners of Tantra choose this path as a means of healing their illnesses or fatigue. Because of my daily personal practice I have the opportunity to heal myself each time I have the pleasure of connecting with a new student.   My constant act of breathing each day allows me to be in a tantric frame of mind where I can take the time to simply be present in the moment!

If you make it your conscious choice to continue on this path on your own you will learn to love and honor your own body and you will learn to be more aware of your partner's body and how to honor and send unconditional messages of love to your partner with your touch, your voice and your eyes.   I can teach you how to understand and heal your partner during my goddess worship ceremonies and I can teach you the difference between touching with love and honoring the goddess to just "fondling" or "groping" the goddess.  So many men come to me with good intentions.  They wish to understand and master the secrets of the ultimate lover and healer.  They wish to open and awaken passion in their lover's sexual energy yet they do not know where to begin!  I simply say you learn by becoming a better receiver and if you can not accept the gift of receiving unconditional love how can you understand and nourish another?

I always suggest people come to me initially with a simple desire to just learn how to be in the moment and to accept my touch, my eye gaze of unconditional love and to drink in the pleasure of taking small sips of pleasure rather than all encompassing gulps as if in the action of gulping there would be no more water left.  The well is always there for you to replenish yourself with.   The act of sipping will take you to a new state of physical pleasure and well being that you will never wish to go back to your old ways again!

Once you have a greater understanding of your own sexual energy and we have taken steps towards healing you I would then suggest we delve into the Goddess worship ceremonies where  we explore the more gentle and yielding terrain of the Goddess and the mysteries of amrita the golden nectar of healing love.  A woman's body commands a more gentle approach and I can teach you the intricacies of healing the yoni through hand mudras,  soft words to the Goddess and a heart healing massage that will instill a new sense of trust between you and your beloved Goddess in your life.  If you do not have a Goddess and you just adore nurturing and pleasuring Shakti I would be honored to be your tantric partner for as many sessions as you would enjoy.   Goddess worship ceremonies will involve a lot of eye contact between the two of us and open communication so that I can gently guide you into the act of sending loving messages to the Goddess and her yoni.  

The word Yoni is also an ancient Sanskrit word meaning birthplace or womb.  Yoni is the sacred temple from which all life is formed and she is akin to a the petals of a lotus flower so delicate and so powerful in her delicacy that you will feel her energy and her own life force as you explore her canvass of exquisite beauty.

My personalized tantric healings will take you to a state of trance, where anything is possible and you might find yourself leaving your physical body traveling into a realm of deep peace and going in and out of consciousness.   Time will appear not to exist and in fact a two hour session might feel more like twenty minutes.  We will be in "Tantra time" a place of non judgment, quiet introspection and deep respect.  I can always tell if your mind is on your upcoming meetings or that all important phone call you are expecting so I will bring you back into our session if necessary and bring you back to that state of deep peace each time I feel your mind or body wander away from our time together.

Tantric massage can heal you profoundly as we trigger areas of past abuse you may have suffered.  Many clients come seek my services because they have suffered either physical, sexual or emotional humiliation either by a parent or a loved one.  You can come to me knowing I will hold sacred space for you as I have also suffered my own personal traumas in my own personal growth.   I will lovingly hold you and breathe with you and change those old patterns of abuse, shame and neglect that you have suffered and held to yourself in silence.  I may also suggest exploring these feelings with other healers such as a professional counselor or acupuncturist.  Tantra is just one form of healing trauma and I would love to see you incorporate this practice along with other healing modalities on your journey to greater self love and a complete healing in your spirit.  

Tantric massage involves sacred spot massage and the triggering of the base chakra can stir up issues of abuse or self neglect that you may have been storing for many years.  The gradual build up of these stored up emotions or denial of sexual feelings can lead to a state of deep depression or anesthetize you into a feeling of numbness where you simply feel cut off from your sexual energy and you no longer crave sensual touch or even desire or entertain the thought of receiving sensual touch.  Because of this ignoring of your sexual chakras the chakras begin to atrophy like a muscle that is no longer used.  Your second and first chakras begin to shut down from the misuse or lack of desire and the lack of desire becomes your new reality or state of existence.  I strongly urge you to seek a tantric healing during these times simply because we are all deserving of this sacred touch and once we reintroduce this pleasure into our bodies we allow ourselves the affirmation that we are beings deserving and worthy of being upheld and cherished.  Please do not allow your body to shut down in this way.  I would encourage you to reawaken and send your body some gentle love flooding open your heart chakra and taking charge of your own pleasure as your own personal right.  Once we recharge your sexual energies you will attract more positive opportunities in your life and love will flow more freely from all your chakras sending out a strong message to Universe that you are ready for Love!

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