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Champagne Mimosas, Roses & Chocolate dipped Strawberries with Goddess Diana

Traditional Tantric practices encourage us to partake of all the senses: sight,  touch,  smell, sound and taste.  The Tantrikas proffered delicacies such as fresh meats,  seafood and wine to her lover and danced a dance in her silken veil and sari for her God to enjoy.  The offering of these meats and wines stir a fire of passion and open the ceremony to the unfolding of powerful energy and passion to be enjoyed between Shiva and Shakti.

During this ceremony we will savor the taste of Mimosas (or sparkling Juices if preferred) and bite into strawberries together during a tempting and unique three hour ceremony. We will take turns bathing each other in a bath filled with rose water,  french lavender salts and pink and red rose petals.  Rose oil and roses are heart openers and in this indulgent ceremony I shall gather these rose petals in my hands and lovingly brush and bathe them against your skin and your heart chakra center.   We will take turns working on each other's energies during this ceremony connecting our hearts and awakening senses that go beyond our time together.

Lavender oil is a an oil of healing,  deep sacred connection and self love.   The  sea salts cleanse all energy centers as we breathe,  gaze into eachother's eyes and heal together. Let the sea salt wash away any energies you have longed to remove and allow yourself to open up to the possibility of awakening your being and allowing more beauty into your life.

Goddess Diana

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