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An Afternoon of Delicacy with the Goddess Diana

Are you an ardent romantic? Do you find the afternoon or mid day hours to be a time of deep peace and poetic escape? I invite you to soul gaze with me for a full day of cuddling, gentle nurturing and guided meditation as we ease into the twilight hours together. Our time together will be spent in mutual connection and playful touch and I will teach you secrets of Goddess energy as we nibble on fruits and explore our inner children. These sessions can last between noon till late evening and we can take the time to connect deeper, unhurried during these magical hours.

I promise our time together will be memorable - a shared moment in time you can look back upon during those moments you need encouragement and solace. We can spend this time relaxing or learning skills you wish to master on your journey towards being a more attentive lover and care giver. These ceremonies can be shared in my Sacred Sanctuary where you will be my guest or I can travel to your home or hotel room and I will pamper you in your Sacred Space. I am a true Sacred intimate and muse of unconditional love here to inspire you, uphold your God/Goddess energies and awaken passion and playfulness in your sensual being.

If you are a couple seeking mentoring I will spend our tantra ceremony together bringing illumination to your partnership and sharing tantra skills and sensual instruction that will both delight and strengthen your awe of each other's divinity. All couple's tantra sessions will be held in your sacred space or your hotel space. * I can only host private individuals for extended tantra ceremonies or sacred healing sessions.

If I am given adequate notice we set up this special tantra ceremony at a spa setting that can include a jacuzzi bath and more elegant surroundings. The pricing for this ceremony can be determined by mutual agreement and the types of surroundings we choose. I will allow you to decide how much time you feel you wish to explore the magic of tantra massage. I am also available for decadent and healing weekend retreats just in case you are desirous of some extra pampering and nurturing. Tours are available upon request as I know my home city very well. I am available for sponsorship in your home city or I can give you a tour of my city while you select a full day of healing with me or a full weekend of tantra immersion.

Goddess Diana

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