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Shiatsu translated from Japanese means finger pressure. Shiatsu is a form of acupressure in which fingers, knuckles or palms are pressed on particular points on the body known as tsubos. Painful areas or "stuck Places" are indicators of blocked energy flow and when pressed firmly the energy will begin flowing again bringing relief to the pain. Through this pressure the energy flowing in the meridians is influenced. This energy is called chi. Chi is naked to the visible eye but its presence can be seen in the physical body. When an injury seems to be healing all by itself this is the work of chi flowing. Chi is the Source and power of life force. If Chi is stagnant the body becomes ill. During our session together I will combine my knowledge of this Oriental art with Tantra. Shiatsu connects Mind and body through touch and Tantra is the expression of complete surrender, a letting--go of mental, emotional and cultural dogma so that energy or CHI is allowed to flow freely throughout all of your meridian points. Both of these massage techniques compliment the other as your body will develop an awareness through meditation, breathing and mutual connection to your partner. As we cradle and meet each other's energy bodies in Yab Yam I will apply pressure on special points along your spinal column preparing your back for Kundalini energy to flow more freely. I place special attention to the spinal column because the back is considered to be a mirror to the body and points along the vertebrae are reflex points to our organs. Shiatsu relieves stress, fatigue, depression, insomnia, impotence and increases sexual desire. By pressing on corresponding meridian points on your body I can help you heal your own body by stimulating the CHI your own life--force to move with grace and power.

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