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Hot Stone Therapy

The experience of a stone treatment can be a profoundly healing reconnection with the elements we are made of: earth, air, fire, water and ether (spirit).. Hot stone therapy also effectively increases circulation while allowing deeper work the hot stones act as a profound opener of your own blocked energy and pull out excess stored memories and tightness from your muscle groups. These heated stones warm all your major muscle groups by increasing circulation and promoting blood flow towards the surface of your body. The increased blood flow allows for a deeper penetration of all your sore muscle groups and therefore I will need to use only the gentlest pressure to coax your body into a deeper healing. During the hot stone therapy I may alternate fire and ice by the use of cool marbles and crystals, and warm basalt rocks from Hawaii. This would be a perfect time to introduce your body to sound healing and I will employ musical toys such as tuning forks, my vocal chords and chakra toning bowls. Each sound will activate the stones making your session more powerful and playful. Just as the body responds to sound and joy these hot stones will open and liven their trapped earth energies to engage your chakras in a deeper healing of earth, water, fire and air. As each stone is placed over your major chakras we will focus and visualize together sending light, love and deeper understanding to your most sacred temple...your body. When the hot lava stones are allowed to cool they will be used with luxurious warm oils directly on your skin in a sensuous heart melting massage.

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