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Singing Crystal Bowls

Our body is in a state of vibration. Every organ, every bone, our tissues and nervous system all vibrate and respond to sound. and each system likewise creates its own distinct music just like a wonderful orchestra harmonizing together in perfect balance. When we are healthy we resonate with complete health and vibrance. Our astral body is also affected by sound and each of our corresponding chakra centers open and vibrate at their own pitch just like our physical body.

During my chakra bowl ceremonies certain bowls will be picked out intuitively for your healing. Each quartz crystal bowl resonates at a certain pitch and frequency and will activate special chakras in your astral body, clearing the pathways to a complete and healthy chakra system. A mallet is used initially on the bowl just to activate the sound at first and then it circles around the outside rim creating a beautiful vibration that can be felt in your spinal column, your hands and your feet. The harmonious, sound field vibrations produced when playing these quartz crystal bowls resonates the light body Chakra and corresponding physical area. The calming sound of the crystals and their pure sine waves open the Chakras and help create a balanced and restful ambience. I own a complete set of chakra bowls so if you prefer to focus on several blocked areas or each of your major Chakra systems we will make use of all my chakra bowls. The Chakra bowls may be used as an accent to my tantric ceremonies to help open up sexual energy in your base chakra. Part of the enjoyment of these bowls is their incredibly healing celestial sound and each bowl has its own unique vibration beauty and healing property. Hawaiian Hot stones and crystals also respond and complement the music of these Chakra bowls. If you are a musician or a music lover and your mind and body are particularly tuned into these energies I strongly recommend partaking of this ceremony.

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