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Ceremonial Bath

If you choose, we can begin our Journey with a Delicious Traditional Ceremonial Bath. Imagine yourself as the Recipient of My Goddess Eyes... My deep unconditional love for you. You will Join me in the warmth of temple waters, my fingers caressing and kneading your muscles with a firm but feather light touch. The bath water is a wonderful way to bond and connect with each other's energies and share a moment of laughter and release. Water is a powerful conduit of magical ceremonies and manifestation. In many cultures and spiritual practices water is revered for its healing and purifying qualities. During this peaceful and meditative state we transcend time and outside worries in a warm, cocoon of sea salts, and essential oils. Attention will be placed on all your major chakras as I send healing energy and pour water over you to awaken and recharge your energy channels.

During this ceremony we unite all four elements; that of water, fire, air and earth. Aromatherapy candles will be used during our ritual inviting the element of fire and inviting our sense of smell. As we take turns bathing each other our energies intermingle and we invoke the element of air breathing in each other's soul essences and interweaving our energy male and female; yin and yang. The bathing ritual fosters our sense of connection and trust as we allow our bodies to go limp shutting out the noises of our physical reality. We are in a state of deep tantric bliss or trance time and as we breathe together we get closer to our higher blissful selves. I love to use crystals and flowers to charge up our healing waters and a bowl of strawberries or other aphrodisiac fruits will be served to you as our energies commingle in our Special Baptism of Temple Waters.

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