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Native American Sage Burning Ritual

My favorite ceremony to begin setting up sacred space is the sage burning ritual.  The sage burning ritual his its traditional roots based in Native American Indian tradition. I first became introduced to this cleansing ritual by a Reiki Healer in Chicago, Illinois.  When I first lay on his table he began by using a huge, sage wand made of pure white sage and he lit it and waved the wand of sage all over my major chakra bodies. 

I began to feel not only soothed and safe but deeply grounded.  It was the most relaxing experience I had ever had in my life.  I watched the swirls of blue smoke escalate around me, and the scent put me in a state of calm and deep trance. 

He explained to me that the sage helps keep old negative energy I am holding onto away from our sacred time together.  At the closure of his reiki session he again began to light the Sacred Sage wand and he traveled all over my auric field using the smoke to erase any excess energies from our time together.  That was my first induction into the Native American Smudge ceremony and I have been using it on a daily basis to cleanse my Sacred Space before, during and after all of my Tantra Ceremonies in Chicago and each city I decide to offer tantra. 

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Before we consecrate our shared Sacred space I offer all my guests the opportunity to use my sage wand or bundle and practice cleansing all my chakra bodies.�

In essence this is a shared ritual and we will both have the opportunity to work on each other's auras using the Sage ritual so that once you are home with your partner you will fully grasp what we have shared together in my home.�

Sage can come in three forms as follows: White sage, cedar and sweetgrass.� I personally prefer the clean smell of white sage because it does not lead to headaches and it is the least strong odor of the three forms of sage. During our smudge burning ritual I will use a huge sage wand initially and during our time together to sweep off any excess nervous energy you no longer wish to carry on you.�

The purpose of this burning ritual is to cleanse not only you but our shared energy, our shared space, and to purify my intentions as your healer.� This is a shared shamanic journey, and as we work together with all your chakras in a sensual and healing journey, the smoke from the sage will make you feel safer and will help you let go of the chatter in your mind or any energies blocking you from feeling sensual pleasure during our tantra session.

At the closure of any of my tantra ceremonies I will sweep you again with the sage smoke spending time where I intuitively feel you need to ground your energies and let out excess anxieties that no longer serve you.� Some people find that the sage can break them of "bad" habits or negative thoughts and you can always bless your home throughout the day using the techniques I teach you during our shared sacred time together....

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