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The Heart chakra is the fourth major chakra in our Chakra Solar System known as अनाहत

In accordance with traditional hindu Yogis and buddhist Tantra practices. The Sanskrit word Anahata literally means unstruck or unbeaten. The sound of this sacred chakra is the sound of serenity and completeness within one's self and all chaos is destroyed by this powerful sound of self love.

Too many times during the day we can forget how important positive self talk can be after dealing with people we encounter either through our casual encounters or our repetitive dealings with people in our work environment.

Do you ever catch yourself hunching over and caving in your chest after receiving negative feedback from a colleague or after being misjudged by a new person who barely knows you?

It's impossible for us to avoid pain or hurtful commentary but not impossible for us to have compassion for our mistakes and learn how to correct our self talk and correct our bodily posture so that we can open our heart to receiving love and make ourselves more ready to accept positive feedback.

For instance do you find it difficult to accept compliments? Are you able to smile and warmly receive a genuine hug from a close friend or stranger or do you feel guarded and awkward? I am not asking you to willingly accept all interactions, compliments and random hugs without setting your boundaries. I am simply suggesting that you empower your heart so you can make wiser choices and send loving messages to your own Heart chakra during times of stress.

Post traumatic stress disorder can be triggered by a movement or a sound or a sensory memory that causes a sense of deep dread and creates undue stress to your precious heart muscle. Sometimes a feeling may overwhelm you out of the blue and you find yourself breathing too quickly in short choppy breaths.

The practice of pranayama and mindful, heart conscious breathing will retrain your body so that you are less likely to feel that flight or fight feeling kick into your adrenal system. The butterfly gland otherwise known as the thymus is found in the center of your rib cage and reigns over your Heart chakra. Therefore any heart disease related illness, panic attacks, asthma, and allergy related to the bronchials are being affected by your heart related issues and once you send unconditional love into your heart region you can create a space of deeper healing and potentially eliminate your need for traditional medicine if you stay focused on your practice of mindful self love and full body breathing exercises that will open up your diaphragm. I am of course not asking you to give up any prescription drugs because that would be unethical of me; but I am strongly advising you to use Heart chakra meditations as a useful tool to help you feel more empowered and centered so that you feel confident that you are making progress.

My Heart chakra session is perfect for anyone in a major transition whether it be a complete change of lifestyle due to illness or a divorce or a time of mourning the loss of a significant relationship or career. Yes the Heart chakra innately knows how to heal herself once you learn three dimensional breathing and once you are able to accept the breath as your birth rite. Too many people can go on mourning indefinitely but there comes a time when you realize that you are only punishing yourself by shutting off your heart because you are not allowing any new opportunities for love to occur in your life.

My Heart chakra massage is based on my intuition as a shaman and a psychic being and I may decide to place hot stones on your heart center or special quartz crystals on the front of your ribcage or back of your Heart chakra during our shared ceremony. Your verbal opinions will be honored of course and if you are feeling intense pain and constriction while breathing with me I will allow you to simply vent what you are feeling so you can let that energy go and release itself.

Your rib cage or your back might be in need of heat application or thorough deep tissue trigger work so I may wish to employ traditional massage techniques so you feel freer and less constricted. I will be using Reiki on your heart chakra and I will even be able to teach you how to give yourself reiki healings on your heart chakra so you can practice the breathing and self reiki on yourself each day and night.

I strongly believe in the value of essential oils and aromatherapy so I will handpick special scents to help you breathe easier and many of these oils will be affiliated with the heart center and sinuses.

Expect to spend at least a full 75 minutes with me under my care and you are always welcome to extend our time together if you feel you are making progress and can use the extra time.

During the Heart chakra invitation I will not be honoring your yoni or lingham. This is purely a heart activation session and I will be using reflexology point techniques on your hands since all heart related energy is carried within the palms of our hands. We can spend our time together holding heart space with hand movements, eye gazing and breath or this can simply be a time for you to tune out and receive gentle energy in silence with reiki.

I am not following a strict recipe card for any of my sessions so I always welcome any new guest to come to me with suggestions and you are always welcome to bring your own favorite essential oils or music that comforts you. I can either follow my inner guidance or work with your special requests for this sacred heart centered ceremony.

During our time together I will be topless so that you can receive more Goddess energy from my Heart Chakra and there will be times when I will press my heart against the back of your heart chakra and breathe deeply with you. If you feel comfortable we can spoon together and I will teach you the art of the conscious cuddle as we breathe in unison together and align our Heart chakras together. I will be wearing a tiny hip skirt during this ceremony so that more energy will radiate from my heart into yours and so you can focus on the warmth and the breath of my heart beat into yours.

Goddess Diana

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