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Seduce me with Chocolate Ceremony: An invitation to meet your muse

Chocolate is indeed a food fit for all Gods and Goddesses!  During this ceremony we will gaze deeply into one another's eyes and spend moments lingering over hand made chocolates we taste and share.  Chocolate is my weakness and it is a natural and hedonistic way for us to engage in a mutual connection and non rushed prelude to our tantric ceremony.  

Expect to indulge all your senses and relax,  breathe,  decompress and prepare yourself for the energy work and sensual play that will lead you into a state of trance--like bliss.  I recommend this one hour of chocolate tasting for any one who desires a deeper connection with me prior to our ceremony or for anyone who simply wishes to indulge and extend our mutual enjoyment.  If you typically need extra time to "quiet" your mind and relax then here is the perfect mood uplifter and decadent "chocolate foreplay" to entice you into deeper r elaxation before you are lead to our space of peace.   Afford yourself this unique opportunity to simply get to know your Goddess before you feel her touch.

During our Chocolate tantric Ceremony  We will enjoy stories,  laughter  and take the time to focus on your goals whether they be a new transcendence into a realm of greater pleasure or an extended day of placing yourself in the care of a Sensual Goddess.

Goddess Diana

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