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Awakening the Elusive Snake Goddess:

Are you aware of the Kundalini goddess who resides within the energy of your Base Chakra? During The Base chakra session I will lovingly and tenderly transmit healing energy into this unexplored area of deep pleasure and insight.

From Birth we are aware of this sleeping goddess but sometimes during moments of deep stress or trauma the snake goddess is forced into silence and retreat. This healing session is meant to unlock her sacred mysteries and help open you to the possibilities of reaching greater states of orgasmic bliss and enlightenment. When the Snake goddess is stimulated in a loving and safe space you have the potential of receiving a God--like all knowing inner calm that will wash over your spinal column making it's way up your higher chakras and unblocking areas that may have been shut down due to self--protection and survival issues.

If you are a novice I will work with you on breathing techniques and muscle pulsation exercises as I send my gentle "energy fingers' at the base of your first chakra to open and send unconditional love waves of healing up into your prostrate or Base chakra. You will set the boundaries and your body will be a good detector of what feels safe and good to you as we teach you how to breathe in sensual pleasure through this chakra of grounding and carry the flow of energy onto your higher chakras.

I will not be using "toys" or other mechanical tools during our time together. If you feel comfortable I will be using Hand gestures or mudras that will send energetic messages into your base chakra and allow the snake goddess to unwind up her pathway of enlightenment through your vertebrae and out through your crown chakra and pearl of blue light. Toys tend to numb and deactivate this chakra and so I will be using sound, vibration, and mudra gestures (with your permission) during this healing ceremony.

The Base Chakra ceremony is a key element in the art of "higher vibration" orgasmic enlightenment and some people may experience moments of past traumas or intense pleasure depending upon the bodies own cell memories and karmic past life experiences. The base chakra is directly related to our feelings of safety and groundedness and our ability to support ourselves emotionally and financially. Unblocking the painful memories will eventually lead you to a special place of emotional well being and trust in yourself and others and you will learn how to "give up" your need to be in complete control. As you become more skilled at learning how to relax this Chakra in your body you will become a better receiver and your body will increase in its natural ability to recieve internal, multiple orgasms and healing. In essence you will learn how to transmute your own unique creative sensual energy and use it to heal yourself. When we release our need to control we give ourselves a gracious gift of self love and inner quiet.

If you wish we can begin our session with a healing and tempting ceremonial bath, gazing into eachother's eyes, communicating with our breathing patterns and learning the art of patience and self acceptance.

I like to teach beginner's white tantric yoga prior to the base chakra healing as this allows the two of us to wind down our energies and send the heavier energies of the base chakra some divine love and light. I can stimulate your base chakra externally or internally, whichever you prefer. Remember this is your time for healing and I will never enforce my will upon your need to feel safe during our session. External stimulation of the Base chakra can be just as essential and profound as internal awakening of the snake goddess. Your Goddess will always tell you when she is ready to be Awakened!

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