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Native American Smudge Bathing Ritual

The Native American Smudge Bath is one of my most favorite ceremonies to perform and honor you with. Traditionally Native American Indians use sage or sage bundles prior to performing any type of ritual work of manifestation to invoke the spirits and clear out negative entities that do not belong in ritual healing. There is no greater peace or blessed honor than to have your beloved bathe you in this heady intoxicating blend of natural plants. The sage bath sets the stage for magic and clears all your chakras of old thought forms and debris you may have picked up during a stressful moment. I love to use whole leaf white sage in a shell and as I burn the ashes with a candle I will take an eagle feather and fan out the smoke filling the room and directing intention to the four directions, east, west, north and south asking for the protection of our Spirit Guides and Totem Animals to join us in our healing.

Imagine yourself enveloped in peace as I blow a prayer of loving intent into each of your major energy centers... awakening your divine self and preparing you for sex magic. We will take turns fanning each other with this healing smoke and blessing the room for a deeper connection elevating and co creating sacred space. Your Aura will feel lighter and uplifted. A deep sense of peacefulness will overpower you and we will join energies and journey into a shamanic trance frame of mind. You may feel yourself more connected to the Goddess earth herself--and a feeling of being protected while we journey together will set forth a stage of manifestation and empowerment.

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