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Tantric Ceremonies

In Tantra, life is a celebratory dance between male (shiva) and female (shakti) energies. There is a deep respect of mutual equality and oneness between them. Their differences are not seen as weaknesses ...they are honored.. Tantra means "weaving" and also "expansion." Therefore tantra is a continuous weaving of our own individual textures and colors that make up the whole tapestry. Tantric sex is an expansion of love and flowing energy. Many people misunderstand tantra and get frustrated because they strive to achieve ecstasy through will power, control and expectations. Tantra is about riding a wave of bliss and prolonging feelings of intensity, followed by surrender, relaxing and letting go. In many ways during a tantric ceremony you may receive visions of past lives, and come to a greater understanding of your spiritual body. Pure Ecstasy is a gift, something that happens by divine grace. Youcannot force such sweetness but you can prepare your body through tantric yoga for this pleasure to occur in moments when you least expect It!! I am proud to call myself a Tantrika; a sensual priestess devoted to your most precious gift your Spirit's Pleasure Palace. In Tantra a Union is formed between our own male and female energies....light and dark....shiva. And shakti...the creator and the destroyer. During my Tantric Ceremonies I will engage you in exercises that will strengthen your own unique sexual energy and body awareness. I will combine my knowledge of white tantra...yoga breathe or kundalini yoga with red tantra the yoga of full body ecstasy. All tantric ceremonies will begin with an eye gazing ceremony so we can connect with each other's energy. If you desire we can enjoy moments of bliss bathing each other in the healing waters of the traditional tantric bath ceremony. As I massage you special attention will be placed on your 11 major chakra centers of your divine body. I alternate deep acupressure and trigger point massage with soft and ticklish energetic strokes to awaken your body to greater heights of pleasure. All my sessions will incorporate elements of traditional Western massage and tantric bodywork. Aromatherapy, sound healing, chakra toning, hot oils, hand and foot reflexology, crystal healings and many other treats are employed for this level of energetic pleasure and arousal.

I will teach you how to send sexual energy to all areas of your body and how to maintain greater self control over your love muscle through PC muscle exercises and rhythmic breathing. Feathers, fur, and my own goddess breathe are all tools of enchantment and I will be your guide leading you to new levels of bodily ecstasy and creativity in your own sexual arena. Give yourself permission to receive this divine gift! As you train yourself to become a sexual Magician you will become empowered to access deeper levels of unconditional love towards yourself and others you hold dear. I will teach you how to use your own sexual energy as a transformative force of healing and creativity in your daily life. Most of all I invite you to play with me and co create a unique expression of love as we intermingle and connect our god/goddess energies. "When two people are at one in their inmost hearts, they shatter even the strength of iron or bronze, and when two people understand each other in their inmost hearts; their words are sweet and strong like the fragrance of orchids." I Ching...

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