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Tantric phone counseling with Goddess Diana

Lomi Lomi is an ancient practice of massage from the islands of Hawaii that is profoundly healing and nurturing Lomi Lomi provides a sacred space for the recipient to let go and surrender to the guidance of their own spirit. When I touch your body it is with total respect, non-judgment, compassion and love. My massage strokes will be fluid, rhythmic in motion and I will listen carefully to your body's own natural flow and rhythmic dance. Lomi Lomi is a deeply sensual style of massage and My body will hover close to yours creating a sense of deep nurturing and well being as you drift off into the "dance of massage".

The literal translation of lomi is "to weave" weaving light, love spirit and breathe. We un-weave unhealthy patterns in our body, unweave abuse, wounds, and old thought forms or belief systems that no longer serve us. The Hawaiian People view all aspects of our physical vehicle as one organic being and believe that we are a spirit body and emotional body. The goal of "WEAVING" is to free energy flow by releasing stored tension in our physical body so we can bring harmony and clarity to ourselves by weaving our past to present and future journeying. In this way I find Lomi Lomi massage is a perfect and harmonious complement to my tantric shamanic ceremonies. My goal is to help your body release emotional patterns and open up a space for your body to achieve more loving patterns to take root and grow. Lomi Lomi keeps the body in physical and spiritual alignment nurturing your heart and reaffirming loving messages to your Heart chakra and hopefully attracting healthier and heart nurturing relationships into your reality. During a Lomi Lomi treatment I may use warm stones over each of your main chakras to release stored memories and pain that no longer serve you. I will envelope you in a body to body massage taking you to a realm of sensual bliss and hypnotic rebirthing of your soul.

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